Queen to B7 – Checkmate!

When I play Axis and Allies or Civilization I don’t usually look to provoke people into battle. I know that part of playing those games is the conflict and of course in the end there will be a battle or two, but I don’t usually go out of my way to poke the bear. I would say for the most part I play life that way, with a few exceptions from time to time. Today I sent a big old poke to my in-laws.

Yes, I did it. I have officially started WW III or ended Mad Dog’s relationship with his Father. Mad Dog of course is alright with this, but still I will be the one who goes down in history as throwing the first stone. How do I feel about that – maybe deep down a little guilty, but really not that much.

On Saturday we received a birthday card from Mad Dog’s Father and Step-Mother for Lex. It has been 4 going on 5 weeks since Mad Dog last spoke to his Father and of course a week after the foolish Valentine’s e-mail to Lex and Loki. We made a decision, to send back the card. “Refused, Return to Sender”. Yes, Elvis is in the building! This might sound harsh. It might be family feud provoking, but either way it was happening. We did give him a reprieve of sorts. We held our action until Tuesday. If Lex received a birthday phone call from his Grandparents, than we wouldn’t send the card back. We both thought this was perfectly fair.

Monday and Lex’s Birthday came. Lex received many birthday wishes on Facebook via my FB page from both friends and family. He received phone calls from Mad Dog’s Mother and Dennis, my Mom and Stuart, and his Uncle Sean and Aunt Tiffany (Uncle Kevin and Brent saw him and gave him Birthday wishes Saturday night).  He talked to each of them telling them about his day, what he got, and that he was officially four years old. By bedtime that night there was no call from Mad Dog’s Dad.

The card sat by the front door marked with the neatly printed words: Refused, Return to Sender. Today I took it to work and mailed it back. Mad Dog worried that today would bring the phone call since it was his day off, but that did not happen. We are taking bets on if there will a call of outrage (from his Father or one of his two step-sisters) or if we will fall into silence. I’m taking the former and Mad Dog is taking the latter. Either way there will be a lot of pain. I know for a fact that I will be the one blamed for this action. Mad Dog knows it too. It is what it is. We all ready know they have been saying things about me, why not give them something to talk about. The thing is I will have no contact on connection to this. I haven’t seen or talked to him in almost 2 years now. The really tragic things about all this is that they only saw Lex and Loki 4 times in 2010. Four! One time for every year Lex was alive. Two of those times were only because Gabrielle was here. Those four times probably totaled two to three hours combine. With more time spent in the car driving back and forth to Chicopee than with the kids. Guess that going from four to zero won’t be that big of a gap to miss.

I don’t think they realize like, Mad Dog and my brothers do, is I’m the silent, but deadly player when it comes to games of strategy. We will see what their counter play is.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on February 22, 2011.

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