Wonder Twins Unite

One of the things I remember most about my childhood is all the make believe. I was always thinking up new and exciting things to do in my Nana’s basement. My active imagination kept me company when I was the only grandchild around in her neighborhood. Imagination combined with mischief was a recipe for fun and trouble, one that I made a lot as a child. I shouldn’t doubt that my own children will join these ranks and continue in my small footsteps.

Both Lex and Loki have show huge potential in the world of Make Believe. At this moment Lex is usually the mastermind (appropriately), but that is mainly due to Loki’s lack of verbalizing her own ideas. Don’t worry about her, she still gets her point across unfortunately at this point it usually ends with Lex crying. Because they are so close in age (22 months apart) that between fighting they play very well together on most days.

Last night they were attempting to combine their powers and make a tent together in the living room using the LEGO chairs from our LEGO Building Table. After multiple failures they asked for help (engineering isn’t their strong suit yet). Using our “dinning” table, a hospital blanket, the LEGO chairs and a few toys and books I was able to build them a pretty decent tent, which they filled with throw pillows and books. They laid together and watched television for sometime with little issue. Lex at one point wanted the lights off, but I wasn’t going that far at that point, plus bedtime was right around the corner.

This morning Loki decided she needed to be a Superhero. Finding one of Lex’s Superhero pajama caps, she transformed herself (with Mad Dog’s help) into the little crimson avenger. Since nothing happens in our house with out a little monkey-see-monkey-do, Lex was transformed shortly there after into his own superhero complete with a magic glove.  I’m guessing one of them was a villain, (though we’re never sure which one is taking that role) because they started to a battle with Loki the victor. Lex attempted to use something like Black Canary‘s “Canary Cry”, but it was in all honestly just a wimpy whine.

This is a normal weekend in our house, if there is an empty box to be converted into a spaceship or a castle it’s constructed. It’s not unusual to find all the cushions from all our chairs and sofas missing and turned into a play fort in Lex’s room or to find them cooking a eight course meal in Loki’s kitchen. As they grow I look forward to seeing what new places they will discover and who they will become. Maybe a trip through the wardrobe is in their future or they’ll go over the rainbow, who knows? In a short time I foresee Loki taking over as the director of their daydreams, which will most likely be filled with more death defying stunts knowing our little girl. In a lot of ways I am very thankful for their active imaginations, they’ll be better for it, more creative and more out going. Both Lex and Loki will be able to dream, finding excitement in the impossible which they will make possible in their minds and in play. It might keep them company when they’re alone and help them through the dark moments of childhood which we all have, when the means girls are meaner than usual and the bullies don’t know when to quit. Hopefully they’ll continue to think outside the box as they grow, finding new possibilities and never let anyone tell them their ideas and dreams are nonsense.

“The net is vast and infinite.” – Major Motoko Kusanagi, Ghost in the Shell


~ by Cute Fan Girl on February 27, 2011.

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