Making a List & Checking it Twice

Everyone has a “To-Do List” even if you don’t commit it to actual paper, you have one floating around in your head. In the past, mainly around the holidays I have posted my lists here on our blog but usually it’s all mental for me. Which can be a problem for Mad Dog, since I’m the only one that knows what has to get done and when I want it done. I know that some people were impressed with the list of things I had lined up this past Christmas, but honestly I’m a poser. There are people out that that make very detailed to-do lists, with lofty goals and jobs to get done.

Now I’m going to switch gears completely, but I promise I will come back to point. I really will and you might even learn how my brain works a little in the process.


There are things that mark the start of spring and summer for people. For Mad Dog it’s being able to listen to or watch spring training baseball. Others it’s seeing the Crocuses pushing themselves up from the thawed ground or buds on the trees. There are plenty of things that mark the start of the warm months and some they are very personal. Think about what marks the start of the warm months for you? Easter? Fresh local Asparagus? What?

Here is where I bring it full circle. I thank you for hanging in there with me.

For me the start of Spring/Summer is the posting of our friend Patrick’s yearly To-Do List. I don’t feel it should be called a list it’s more than just a “list” – it’s an

Chicken Coop

institution. Patrick is the man that if the world starts to go to hell, you hope you’re stuck with him somewhere. He is very resourceful and I think he could do just about anything if he tried. MacGyver – HACK! Needless to say I love reading his yearly “list”. Why is that exactly? To start with I love to know what is going on at the Delaney House, both Patrick and Sara are always up to something interesting. Right now they are in the middle of Maple Season with their Sugar Shack Occasional Creek Maple, along with their individual projects (Sara’s is always just as long as Patrick’s – it just usually involves yarn or fiber). This and they have two young girls and CHICKENS!

Garden & raised beds

The list is usually made up of projects he hopes to complete over the course of the spring, summer and fall before the New England winter comes down on us once again. Described this year as “like a 5 year old with a Christmas wish list and absolutely no concept of the value of a dollar” it will make you feel your list is completely inadequate – you’re going to have to think a little hard to even scratch the surface of this list. Not only is it full of great projects (nothing like clean the closet), but it also is completely hilarious (“Solar shower – I just want an excuse to be naked outdoors.”). Marked with the disclaimer “Now 15% more unrealistic” you understand that he knows that some of this is not going to happen, but a boy does have the right to dream. Also the list is added to over the course of the months, it’s initial posting is only what Patrick has dumped out of his head in the last 72 hours. Last years list was just as grand with the addition of raised beds to their garden – oh and the garden to complete with irrigation system as well as the deck he built from reclaimed lumber and materials. Did I mention he built the Sugar Shack (I think that was on the 2009 list)?

This year some of my favorite projects include:

  • Build 2 chicken tractors – movable chicken homes and enclosed runs all in one. We’re gonna employ the ladies help with getting the lawn in order this year.
  • Wind generator – I have some neighbors to annoy and some property values that need depressing.
  • Greenhouse – a winter home for the chickens and for early garden prep.
  • Plant at least two more fruit trees – one apple, perhaps a cherry.
  • The Super Secret Gift – you hope it’s for you, don’t you?
  • Establish a local food network/cooperative/thingy – much more on this later.

I can’t wait to see the process, additions and progress he makes on the list. I will of course receive a flogging from Sara for this post, which is a tradition when I go all fan girl about her husband. She’s afraid it will go to his head. I apologize Sara, I hope I haven’t done too much damage.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on March 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Making a List & Checking it Twice”

  1. Consider yourself flogged 🙂
    I should put up a damn list, but I’m not sure the crazy scrawl on my white board would line up all nice and neat. Suffice it to say there is a book to write, a passel of patterns to design and make physically real, a garden to plan (though it is mostly done) and my new spinning obsession has to be reined in.

    • That wasn’t so bad!; ) God, I can only imagine your list I’ve seen you post on FB what you’re working on. You two put Mad Dog and I to shame.

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