Dynamic Duo Training & Bad Fiction (or How to Spend Saturday Morning)

As parents we have hopes and dreams for our children. I get excited when either of them show the slightest interest in the arts, while Mad Dog swoons when one of them is drawn towards comics. Every parent has hopes. I think Mad Dog and I have realistic expectations for Lex and Loki. I don’t expect Lex to be a starting pitcher in the National League, though Mad Dog wouldn’t have a problem with that. On the other hand I have been recently talking to Loki about starting her training for a trip to Everest. I honestly see mountain climbing in her future.

As parents Mad Dog and I also know our limitations. Though we try to teach our children to be tolerant and kind to those they meet it’s hard for us to set a good example at times. I don’t think of us as the type of parents to go to playgroups or as organized sports parents that get out of control on the sidelines of a t-ball game. Knowing this about ourselves it’s hard to believe we currently are taking our kids to gymnastics and having to bite our tongues every step of the way. Needless to say we don’t fit in.

Sending them to gymnastics was not attempting to mold the next Mary Lou Retton or Shannon Miller (I would have named a guy too but it’s always the women we remember – wait there was Mitch Gaylord). Olympic gold was not on our minds. Superhero training maybe, but we’re not going to (insert country when announced) in Summer 2028. Lex went to gymnastic classes when Loki was first born. He attended Parent & Tot classes with Mad Dog on Tuesdays at the Gymnastic Learning Center in Shrewsbury. It helped him with his coordination, balance and confidence – he also loved it. Loki, being far more physical than her big brother ever was, we thought sending her would be a perfect fit. We forgot we were talking about Loki.

Going to Gymnastics is now a family event. Both are enrolled in Saturday morning classes, Loki in a Nursery Gym and Lex in the Tots class. Loki’s class is parent interactive and for now Mad Dog is playing the role of the parent, while I sit in the lobby listening to the Gymnastics Moms. This is where that whole not fitting in things hits. Sitting in the lobby I find myself surrounded by women (some Dads, but very few) with made up faces, baseball caps and bad fiction to read. Mad Dog finds this one of the hardest parts, the bad fiction. He wants to rip it out of their hands and give then something good to read. This almost happened today with the woman reading Dan Brown’s Deception Point. Listening to them talk about the fact that they only have someone come in once a week to clean or that they had to tell their seven year old that she really doesn’t want to miss a class and give it all up – makes me just wonder why I am sitting there. Yes, I’m sitting there with my L.L. Bean coat, but my bag is an L.L. Bean backpack while theirs is a Vera Bradley. My baseball cap is Green Lantern not Nike. They are wearing make-up and I’m natural. I’m reading The Town That Food Saved, while they’re reading Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton (I love Michael Crichton! However this book is not “real” Michael Crichton – if so something was very wrong with him when he wrote it.) Needless to say sitting for 45 minute in all this is hard to take sometimes. Even more so when one of your children doesn’t want to attend class.

Like I said earlier we thought Loki and gymnastics was a perfect match. She is always very active and climbing things, so gymnastics would hone her balance and tumbling skills. Loki on the other hand doesn’t want anything to do with this. Two weeks ago was her first class, which due to scheduling she has alone with an instructor and Mad Dog. This week she went in all excited, only to come out about 5 minutes later to sit on the bench next to me. Mad Dog said she wanted nothing to do with it. She would just look longingly at the windows. We attempted several times to talk to her about rejoining the class, in fact the instructor even tried to get her to come play with her new friends. Loki was having no part of it. Her only concern was that  we didn’t leave without Lex.

Lex on the other hand started the morning complaining that he didn’t want to go. That Build and Grow was more important today, but once there he was in high gear. Always the loudest in the class, he introduced himself to the teacher when his group was called and the kids lined up. With each new task he asked if he could go first, but waited patiently until it was his turn. Mad Dog happened to see him jump up on the uneven bars no problem and without hesitation. Lex was very proud of himself when he received a great job from his instructor. He later told me he was a little scared, but his teacher showed him what to do and he was okay.

Tomorrow we have a make-up class to attend with both kids. Hopefully Lex and Loki will be interested tomorrow. Either way we are encouraging them to try. Both Mad Dog and I would never force them to do something they disliked, we can only point them in a direction and see what will happen. Due to their age difference they can’t be in the same class, which is a shame. To be very honest we are positive that if Loki was in Lex’s class she would excel only to show him up. She strives to be like him in some ways and in others she tries to surpass him. I think this is one where if she was allowed she would show him how things are done. I also think if they let her wear a Batgirl outfit to class she would totally kick ass, but that’s just me.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on March 26, 2011.

5 Responses to “Dynamic Duo Training & Bad Fiction (or How to Spend Saturday Morning)”

  1. Hanging out with Gymnastics Moms, that sounds intolerable. I would do anything for my little girl, but now I’m scared.

  2. I am hurt that Vera has a negative connotation in this post.

    Loki on the other hand is acting the same way Mary did when she started dance (at about the same age). We had a hard time getting her to go to class…I was the problem…if she knew I was there she wouldn’t go to class. Jim started taking her and she went to class. Go figure!

    • It’s not really negative, just showing a difference between the two. When I typed it I knew I was getting a comment from you!

  3. I didn’t know it was Shrewsbury….that in its self says a lot…. I too take exception to the Vera notation and I don’t own one but lover the colors and prints…. As for Mizzzzzzzzzz Loki she is her mothers child…

    • Everyone – please let me introduce my Mom! Yes, Loki is something like me I will freely admit to it.

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