Family is As Family Does

Lex & Brent

Family is always an interesting topic, at least I think so. My immediate family is very close, though part of us lives 1,500 miles south of where we grew-up. We somehow managed to keep in touch, most of our news (good/bad) is relayed through our Mother-like in a lot of families she is the central operator, since she tends to talk to one of us at least once a day. In the past year both my brothers have made an effort to talk once a week to each other, something I can’t say I do. Regardless to how much we talk to each other between visits, our visits are always loud and LOUDER.

Loki & Tiffany

This along with the general decibel level of noise at my Mother’s house is something that would a make an aircraft marshaller cry. Mad Dog who deals with his allergy to dogs each time he goes to our family home thanks to my Mom’s dog Indiana, quickly becomes overwhelmed by the chaos. It might get to the point where those acoustic earmuffs become a must. Between the television, the kids, the dog and the rest of us it would make any grown man weep. As I said along with the noise comes us. My brothers and I, along with our significant others all get along rather well and as soon as we have the chance we’re cutting on each other. Between stories, political views (or lack there of), discussions and jokes the words fly and in some cases even food does too. With each visit new memories are made and things are learned about one another, even if we don’t need (or want to) know about them.


With a visit from my brother Sean and his wife Tiffany usually comes a family gathering of some kind. This visit we all met for dinner at my Mother’s Friday night. It’s amazing to think that the home where I grew up now can barely contain us as grown-ups and two small children without practically busting at the seams. I honestly have to believe that we were not anywhere as hyper as Lex and Loki are now in our childhood. They of course are amplified by others. Both Lex and Loki have wonderful relationships with their Aunt and Uncles. Last night we watched as Loki attacked Brent on several occasions while Lex climbed all over anyone sitting still. Both children who are use to our rules at home, fall under the rules of my Mother’s house and the rules their Aunt and Uncles impose on them when we’re together. Where at our house the kids are allowed in the kitchen as well as allowed to help with dinner, Sean banned the kids from the small square of linoleum floor which makes up my Mom’s kitchen while dinner was made.

With family there are always thing that you learn or know that you wish you didn’t (Kevin has a list of these about me). There are stories that come up time and time again

Loki on the phone with Kevin

that you can’t believe are still being held over your head even after all these years, but you know will come up the next visit like a bad penny.  I would like to share with everyone some of our family evening, I’m sure a lot of it won’t make much sense but then again it might bring smile to your face and of course you can always ask one of us later about it.

  • Don’t ask Sean & Tiffany to bring you a Croissant from a baker in Fort Lauderdale. It might be a little flat.
  • If you ask for something make sure you’re clear about what you’re asking for. If you want “sprinkles” pronounce it correctly, otherwise you get “pickles” for your ice cream sundae.
  • Kevin isn’t pregnant, he just loves pickles with chocolate sauce on them. Lex isn’t as adventurous.
  • Don’t be annoying, otherwise you could have roasted potatoes thrown at you.
  • Even if Sandy vacuums the rugs, Mad Dog will still sneeze 30 times in a row. Yes, he’s allergic to the dog.
  • Sean has spent too much time in a “Red State”, I think we saw a “Gingrich for President” bumper sticker on his rental.
  • You can ask Nonna 4 times if she liked dinner from 2 feet away and she will either continue to ignore you or she really is that deaf.
  • Loki understands how to answer Mad Dog’s Android Phone when Kevin calls.
  • Don’t unpack Tiffany’s bag if you’re going through customs. I’m just saying. (I have friends that have a lot of questions they need answered Sean.)
  • Sean should know better than to go up against Kevin and Kim in anything, especially if it means Kim has a can of whip cream.

    Sean & Lex

  • Sean is good, but Brent has had better. (Oh – I meant is “a good cook”)
  • Stuart enjoys the kids, but mostly when they’re leaving.
  • Nonna still thinks Loki is a baby.

~ by Cute Fan Girl on April 23, 2011.

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