Can’t Get There From Heah

Maine is about relaxing. At least that is what we try to tell Lex, but he doesn’t really understand.

The place we stay in Alfred is a small cabin on Shaker Pond. In the summer when the dock and boat is in, we spend our days in and on the pond. The kids going from wet to dry about 25 times in the course of the day. However things are different right now. The cabin isn’t officially open, the dock lays on shore and the boat lays capsized tied to a tree winterized. The water is still too cold. As are the early mornings.

This is an issue since both Lex and Loki (more Lex than Loki) are up at the crack of dawn. The morning chill wraps us in a cocoon, keeping us huddled inside until the sun warms the air outside the A-Frame house. The begging to go outside starts early, in fact it’s before breakfast is finished. Lex goes from wanting to blow bubbles, to wanting to go outside to wanting to go fishing all in 5 seconds. This has worn us out to the point that Mad Dog has allowed them to sit on the steps in their footie pajamas to blow bubbles, while I type on the Netbook and Mad Dog reads his new Douglas Coupland.

What do I like about Maine? When I say Maine, I mean being here in Alfred. I like that there is no expectation to do anything. We can sit, read and enjoy the view of the pond. At least that was the way it was before we had children. Currently I feel like we are breaking some kind of law, we have brought noise to this peaceful place. They are currently arguing with Mad Dog that they want to move to the chairs rather than the steps. This will continue until Loki decides that it’s time to just do it without asking.

One of my biggest concerns (currently) is the dock. For the winter Stuart, Kevin and Brent have pulled the two pieces of dock up on to the bank and tied it to the two trees that flank the walk and stairs down to the water. It looks like a big slide. This was the first thing that Mad Dog said to me when he saw it. Not something a parent wants to think about, with kids as curious and mischievous as ours. I snapped back to be quiet and not let the kids hear him. At that time they had run inside to explore the cabin again. Shortly after Lex and Loki joined Mad Dog to look at the pond, and Lex looked at the dock. “Oh, a slide!” were the exact words that came out of his mouth. I don’t think I could have rolled my eyes into the back of my head any further.

We have been up for exactly one hour and we’re debating if we are going to go home tonight instead of staying an additional night. The kids love Maine as much as we do. They are forming memories of this place that will stay with them for a lifetime. This is even true for Gabrielle, who will be coming late this summer. The biggest concern she stressed to her mother was that she not miss our annual trip to Maine. It’s nice to know that this place has had an effect on her as it has us.

Today promises to be a busy day. Lex has Build and Grow at the Lowe’s in Sanford. Once we knew our weekend plans we registered him up here. After that we are off to Rochester, NH and Jetpack Comics for their Free Comic Book Day festival. After that a stop at Cupcake Fetish Bakery in Sanford on our way back to Alfred.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on May 7, 2011.

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