Blinded Me With Logic

This past Saturday we got our geek on in Rochester, New Hampshire. We hit Jetpack Comics and took part in their Free Comic Book Day Festival. The kids took part too, wearing their superhero t-shirts: Loki in Supergirl and Lex in Green Lantern. They paraded around the town with their Free Comic Book Day bags in hand.

Attending anything with the kids always makes things interesting. It’s hard when you know you’re going to have to wait for things and to keep them entertained. Both Lex and Loki are usually good sports about attending Comic Conventions and signings, both have been to several in their life time (even only at ages 2 and 4). Planning ahead is usually the key to making it through these things with as little drama as possible. Part of the reason for this is, we don’t want to miss how (or have them miss out) and the other reason we don’t want to ruin it for anyone attending without kids. We were there at one time rolling our eyes at the parents with the screaming child – we don’t want that. Though I didn’t plan like I have in the past (like when we attended Baltimore Comic Con), I was aware we might run into issues. Lex and Loki both managed to behave themselves (for the most part). Loki decided while waiting in line in Jetpack Comics that she was done, and started walking back down the line weaving in and out of other attendees ignoring my calls of her name. Everyone one thought she was adorable with her determined look and stride. Several people even commented that her name was quite fitting.  

Jetpack Comics was only our start, we then walked through the town hitting other locations that were participating and offering free comics. All this on our way to the Knights of Columbus where the writers and artists were signing. The K of C hall was pretty packed and a little chaotic, but manageable. Mad Dog met writer Christopher Golden and had him sign our copy of Baltimore, which we had previously signed by Mike Mignola. Unfortunately artist Ed McGuinness (Superman/Batman: Public Enemies) and writer Joe Hill (Locke & Key)were both not scheduled to arrive until one o’clock. McGuinness being our main focus, since I’m a huge fan of his work. The kids on the other hand were a little less than happy to have to wait around.

Ed McGuinness

Because of Mad Dog’s planning he had packed us lunch, which was back in the car. This meant Lex and I would have to make our way back to the car, parked by Jetpack Comics and move it closer to the K of C hall. Once we were closer Mad Dog and Loki joined us and we ate lunch together, with the kids sitting in the back of the car with the tailgate open. They got a kick out of this and happily ate their sandwiches and the communal bag of chips we shared while drinking their juice boxes. Loki was in a very silly mood, making strange faces and hand movements while we ate. We think she was working on her superpowers.

Joe Hill & Jason Ciaramella

After lunch we made our way back inside to see if McGuinness or Hill had arrived. Again the kids were asking why we had to come back. I thought it was best to take them out to the car for a bit, since they were probably getting sleepy with all the walking and running around they had done all day. I managed to get them both back to the car, just as McGuinness showed. Mad Dog had the books signed we had brought with us and one of Loki’s Birthday Comics which McGuinness had drawn. When each of the kids were born, Mad Dog went out and bought the comics (not all of them – but in Loki’s case just about) that were released the week of their birthdays. We have them signed when we can and ask that they write “Happy Birthday (insert child’s name here)!” This way when they are older we can give them their birthday comics as a part of their collections, complete with birthday wishes from the artists and writers. Once Mad Dog was finished he came back out to the car, and I ran in to take some pictures. While I was inside Joe Hill appeared at his table with fellow writer Jason Ciarmella (The Cape). If you don’t know, Joe Hill is son of author Stephen King. No, I didn’t go all Misery on Joe Hill’s Dad on him. I managed to control myself. Hill was very nice, personalizing signed copies of the Free Comic Book Day edition of Locke & Key for both Lex and Loki. I enjoyed Locke & Key and think I’ll be picking up all the books to check out. 

After that it was back to Alfred and the cabin for us. We did however stop at Cupcake Fetish Bakery in Sanford (you can read all about it at Cute Fan Girl Goes Local, see post Love is a Cupcake). The rest of the day was fairly uneventful (with one exception – I will get to). We had thunderstorms and downpours, which is oddly a given when we go to Maine for some reason. After the sun came out we went outside and the kids played. Throwing rocks they found in the gardens (small ones – and not from the driveway in case my Mom is reading in horror) into the pond. This kept them very busy for some time. Lex for some reason couldn’t get it through his head it was too cold to go swimming. He insisted on testing the water, which he did without incident. After Lex’s trip to the bank to test the water, Loki felt the need to. I personally was not happy about this idea, but Mad Dog said there was nothing to worry about. I kept asking if he could see her, from where he was. He couldn’t, but he simply explained that if he heard a splash and a scream he would go running. It didn’t take him long to have to run. Shortly after our last exchange about my displeasure at the kids being down by the water, we heard Loki fall in. Mad Dog was at the water before she actually screamed. She had recovered very well all by herself, standing up in the water to scream. We rushed her inside and Mad Dog stripped her out of her wet cold clothes while I got towels to wrap her in. She kept repeating, “Me okay.” We don’t know if she was reassuring herself or me in the process. She was okay. Mad Dog on the other hand was in trouble, though I couldn’t actually be mad at him. She was alright after all and we don’t keep our kids in a bubble. She had learned a lesson (at least we hope). After she was dried and in her pajamas, she curled up next to Lex to watch him play his video game. I forgave Mad Dog after he used logic on me.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on May 8, 2011.

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