Momma’s A Rolling Stone

There are people in your life that are family and then there are friends, but it’s not always said that a person is both. I have the honor of being able to say that about several of my family members, but most importantly about my Mom.

She is the person who taught me to have a voice and to keep it. To not be a follower, that it’s okay to actually march to the beat of a different drum and not worry what others might think. She gave me my love of art and the arts. She was first my mother and later in high school, when I didn’t feel I had any friends, she became my best friend. From that moment on she has been more than just a parent, she has been my friend. That friendship has been strained at times when she has had to be my parent, but has never wavered. She has asked the hard questions when some parents might have turned a blind eye and I have answered them honestly when others children might have lied. 

She has told me in the past that I inspired her to do things she had never done before, but the reason I could inspire her was because she let me go, learn and grow on my own. I experienced life, because she didn’t hold me back. That is the only reason I could ever inspire anyone. She taught me selflessness when she cared for my father, her estranged husband. Her compassion and strength never ceases to amaze me, as does her patience. She is now a mother, a friend and a grandmother to my family.

She was there at my son’s birth and she has adored him ever since. She took care of my daughter when I could not and they now have a bond. Her love for them is shown in every smile, every laugh, every concern, every wince as they move through life. She worries because she loves them, and loves them because she worries. She spots the bits and pieces of me in each of them and laughs that I face the same challenges that she faced with me. I can only hope that my children have as much love, trust and honesty with me as my Mother’s children have had with her.

She is my Mom. She is my hero. She is my Friend. Thanks Mom for everything you have done, everything you do and everything to come.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on May 8, 2011.

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