Desperately Seeking…

Blogging is currently a large part of my life, with Road to Nowhere and Cute Fan Girl Goes Local I spend a lot of time at my computer. A lot of people find it hard to believe I even want to sit in front of a computer with all the time I do at work, but this of course is completely different. It’s creative and I find it interesting. With Road to Nowhere the main audience tends to be friends and family, though I am happy that my readership on Road has grown outside that realm in the past year. Cute Fan Girl Goes Local is where my focus is to find an audience, because of this Mad Dog has become my “Marketing Manager” (I paid him a whole dollar for that). With my goal to build readership between social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter,  I tend to watch how people find me more and more.

This is one of the main reasons I switched from Blogger to WordPress. WordPress allows me to track how people find me with a bit more detail. I watch my stats each day, seeing how many hits I have and where they possibly have come from. One of the things I love to watch on WordPress is the “Search Engine Terms”. This is the section on my stats that shows what people entered as their search when I popped up and they clicked on me. There have been many funny ones I have spotted over the past year, but tonight I shared one with Mad Dog and he immediately said I had to blog about these.

These are of course all related to Cute Fan Girl Goes Local, we will list commentary in italics:

  • Girl in Hazmat Suit – This was the one that prompted Mad Dog to have me post. I don’t know who searches for stuff like this, but I do know that Mad Dog will be calling my brother Kevin, who works for Clean Harbors to see if he can get me a yellow Hazmat Suit. Is this honestly a Tin Foil Hat or Germaphobe’s wet dream? 
  • Cute Girls who are comic book fans –  Maybe they should try Geek 2 Geek
  • Aquaman Fangirl – I just envision Aquaman sitting at his laptop with his fingers crossed. 
  • Sho me some baby girlsI have no comment.
  • Maddog stock potsMad Dog is just happy someone was looking for him. 
  • Meet Local Geek GirlsIf Geek 2 Geek didn’t work for you, try Sweet on Geeks. (Oh and if you think Girls should read Swamp Thing as their first comic, just don’t even bother trying). 
  • Cute girls on ProactiveThere is a Jessica Simpson joke in here somewhere, but we got nothing. 
  • BaconaidThis could go two ways: Nothing like a tall glass of Baconaid after a long day. or Willy Nelson’s next big concert. 
  • Sexy AsparagusFor some reason this just makes me feel dirty. I know it shouldn’t, but it does. 
  • Little Girl in Field of Dreams – I guess if I build it they will come!
  • IntercourseBet they were surprised when they got me!
  • Local VampiresWow! I might have tapped the Twilight fan-base. Maybe I can explain to them why REAL vampires don’t sparkle. 
  • Cute Girl Goes the Extra MileMad Dog says he has one for this, but we’re a PG blog. 

~ by Cute Fan Girl on May 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Desperately Seeking…”

  1. I bet the last one has something to do with a suit and some Christmas socks…

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