Wrapped In Plastic

My Barbie Corvette

I have a daughter. I’m raising her to be an independent, self thinking little girl, who will hopefully in turn become a strong, independent, self thinking, inspiring woman. She’s currently two. I guess I have a long way to go, but I will tell you that she already has that independent, self thinking thing going on. She is rough and tough, with a sweet streak a mile long. We don’t consider Loki a tomboy, she is more of a “self rescuing princess” in our eyes.

This post wasn’t supposed to be about anything but the new toys I got in the mail today, but I got to thinking about them. UPS dropped off a delivery today from Barbie Collectors.com. Did you just laugh? Yeah, I have Barbie‘s. I don’t collect a ton of them or anything, but I do have a few that I like for the look and styling. I usually try to get them as cheap as possible. I watch tag sales, clearance sales and online. There are some I would kill to have, but I’m just not willing to pay a lot for them. This past weekend I was able to get two new dolls for the cost of one (that with the shipping).

My two new additions are from the “Ladies of the 80’s” collection. I picked up Debbie Harry (aka Blondie) and Cyndi Lauper. The only one I’m missing is Joan Jett.  When we saw them scheduled for release early last year, I was so excited. Most of all for the Debbie Harry doll. Blondie was my favorite growing up. I listened to my Autoamerican record a million times, until my parents ears bled. If there was one Barbie I had to have, it was that one.

Now what does all this talk about Loki have to do with Barbie? I got to thinking about how people think Barbie is bad for girls. The body image and all. I completely understand that a doll that represents a woman that is 5’9″, with the measurements of 36-18-33 and weighs approximately 110 lbs (BMI would be 16.24 – can you say anorexia) isn’t giving my daughter a realistic look at body image. Neither is letting her watch about 90% of Hollywood stars. I mean the teen stars of Disney aren’t exactly packing on the pounds, are they? Speaking of Disney, the “Princess” crew is also not having extra cake and pie for dessert. In fact there are no “overweight” or “obese” princesses – there are “obese” villians (Ursula). She couldn’t even catch a break, she just wanted to learn to sing, get a better voice so she might be the next American Idol.

Does letting my daughter play with a Barbie doll mean I’m teaching her that it’s okay to starve yourself or eat like a bird? No. What Barbie does teach (just walk down any pink Barbie clad aisle in a toy store) is that a girl can do anything. Astronaut? She was out of this world. Model? Fierce and fresh. Doctor? She hit the books. Computer Engineer? Hacking with the best. Rock Star? Rocked it. McDonald’s Employee? She gave you fries with that. Marine? Semper fi! Babysitter? She put you to bed. President of the United States? Oh yeah – been there done that.

It’s a doll. My actions are going to teach her more than anything else. My self rescuing princess will find role models that are made of more than just plastic.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on May 19, 2011.

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