Summer of Heroes

Summer is coming (the official start is next weekend – at least that is what I believe). People will be packing up their kids and cars to hit the beaches, national parks and other local attractions. As a family we are no different. We tend to stick to New England and find fun in our own (proverbial) backyard.

Each summer we grow as a family, going from 4 to 5 and then back to 4 in September. This year Gabrielle has opted to remain in Wisconsin until mid-July so she can spend some time with her friends there. As a family this means Lex, Loki, Mad Dog and I will be able to enjoy part of the summer as our small family of four, before we have to readjust to the additional personality and needs of Gabrielle. The one thing that Gabrielle made it clear she didn’t want to miss was our annual week trip to Alfred, Maine.

As I posted about last year, (see Are We There YET!) with our summer vacation comes our annual summer vacation t-shirt. I have started to think about this project earlier and earlier each year. Personally I wish I could design them and have them professionally printed, but that is not in the budget (definitely not this year). This year the idea was all Mad Dog, while the design was me. Looking for inspiration from comic book covers, I looked at golden age comic book covers such as:

Action Comics # 403

Action Comics #28

Wonder Woman #205

Strange Adventures

Mad Dog came up with the idea of using the car photo (though it’s not our present car) that I took a few years ago when the car as stuffed full of “STUFF”. From there I just kept drawing on my inspiration covers, pulling different elements and piecing the cover together. I found and added the Comics Code Authority Logo in the upper right hand corner for a little additional fun.

Overall Mad Dog and I are both very pleased with this years shirt design. We’ll have to see how the printing goes. The plan is to use a dark shirt transfer iron-on and we have picked up black t-shirts this year for everyone. The kids will be the final judge, though I don’t think Lex and Loki will actually understand. I am also going to make a print of the cover for keepsakes since I’m guessing the shirts won’t last very long.

A friend of ours made a recent comment on Facebook stating that The Gendreaus were the new Incredibles! Guess we have something to aspire to!


~ by Cute Fan Girl on May 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “Summer of Heroes”

  1. I find it hard to believe that this comic was approved by the Comics Code Authority…

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