Hello Richard Parker, It’s Good To See You

One thing my children are not short on is energy. I am honestly thinking we should forget wind farms and look at toddler farms. Honestly if you hook kids up with little belts that harness the kinetic energy from the child wearing it we could forget about our dependence on oil and nuclear power. Technically it’s clean, though the kids are not usually, it would be harmless and parents would have no issues at bedtime. I am of course joking about this, because my kids have been going since 6:15 this morning and haven’t stopped all day.

Today Mad Dog drove out to work with me, along with the two kids. They dropped me off at work and they grabbed “second-breakfast” before hitting the World War I park in North Attleboro. Mad Dog had to listen to his favorite thing in the world, the jabber of Soccer Moms while he watched the kids play. Loki found her new love, the super slide. Her climbing ability made the local Moms nervous and Mad Dog very proud, when she almost knocked a wimpy five year-old out to of her way when he stopped on the rope-ladder.  Their morning at the park lasted 3 hours and fifteen minutes. All the time they were on the go. From there they had lunch at McDonald’s and more running around the McDonald’s playland, until they picked me up at work at one o’clock.

The plan for the afternoon was to hit Southwick Zoo in Mendon, Massachusetts. Though the drive to Southwick would have been the perfect time for a nap to recharge their batteries, Loki was the only one to take advantage of this for the last ten minutes of the drive. Lex held strong, asking how much longer it would be. I grew up at Southwick (not literally). The zoo was one of my Father’s favorite places to take us as kids, which means some of my fondest memories of my childhood are from there.

Once inside we hit the ground running (this was literal). Lex started running from animal pen to animal pen. I don’t even know if he was even able to find the animals in their habitats in the amount of time he spent in front of each. Loki tried to keep up the best she could, running after him afraid to be left behind in his dust. We were finally able to explain to Lex that we didn’t have to do the park in 10 minutes, this brought his speed down from 95 mph to 65 mph. There were a few less toddler bodies left in his wake. Mad Dog directed us through the park the best he could, when the map wasn’t being ripped from his hands by Lex the Adventurer. He directed us, telling us to stop here, go there and pointed out sights we might have missed. Loki found it just easier to stick close to me and not worry about her older brother.

We found the petting zoo, though usually a lot of fun was the last thing we should have done with Lex. Loki was excited to pat the goats while her big brother was terrified of being bit by one. At one point he got trapped under the food dispensing machine and screamed in terror as the goats swarmed him. As good parents (and embarrassed ones) we ushered him out of the petting zoo, before anything else could happen. The kids were fascinated with “Narcissus” the Turkey, who was pecking his reflection in a window, sadly the turkey wasn’t as excited about being chased by the two of them. We found the Giraffes, which the kids watched for a while eating the bark of a tree branch before moving on to the Chimpanzees. Loki loved that there was a baby Chimpanzee that was holding on to his Momma. After watching them for a few minutes she attempted to climb a tree like her primate friends.

We were on the hunt for the Lions and Tigers. Loki was going to show the lions how she can roar and the tigers how to growl. Both things that she is very good at. On the search for our cat friends everyone started to slow down. I think the day was catching up with the little ones. We found the lions sleeping in the sun, which wasn’t very exciting. Lex was concerned about being held up, as if we were going to feed him to the lions as an offering. The best part of the day was being five feet from the tiger as he paced back and forth. Loki loved it. She kept saying hello to him and even growled to let him know she knew how to. From there it was a piggyback ride for Loki to the gift shop, while Lex complained he was tired of walking.

Each of the kids got three small plastic animals, which they played with all the way home in the car. On arriving home, they built them a LEGO house and played some more. It is now 8:12 and the kids have been going for fourteen hours. We can still hear them in their rooms talking to themselves and listening to their music boxes. I think Mad Dog is about to collapse from exhaustion, while he watches an episode of Transformers on DVD in bed. I think I’ll finish this up and see if I can get to work on one of those kinetic energy harnesses  for the kids. Nah…I think I’ll just try to resist the urge to stand in Lex’s door way after he falls asleep and say over and over again, “Lex, Lex, Lex, Lex” until he answers me.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on June 3, 2011.

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