Let Down Your Hair…

Being the second child can often suck for many reason. Often there is no time for preparation, and things tend to just fall together. There are hand-me-downs, second hand toys and less pictures – along with less one-on-one time and far too little uninterrupted snuggles.

When our son Lex was born, I spent a lot of time before his birth decorating his bedroom. At that time there were very few kid Superhero theme things, I made a lot of his wall art. When time came for Loki, I had a much harder time. I didn’t really have a theme. I picked brown and pink as her colors, but other than that there was nothing set in stone. Since her birth I have made her the 100 photograph mural, which graces one of her wall and will soon be a memory photo book. She has a signed copy of the Woman of the DC Universe by Adam Hughes and an original piece of art work by Franco (a Tiny Titan’s Raven). For a while I have been meaning to make her another piece of art, but haven’t found the time or something that I was excited about that she would like as well. 

There are some things that kids just make a connection with, for Loki since the moment she saw the first commercial for Tangled she was hooked.  Her fascination continued with going to the theater to see it and has continued with the DVD release. She often tells me she is Rapunzel, while she sings along to the songs from the movie in the car. For this reason I decided to do a “Rapunzel” painting. I had originally planned to do the tower itself, but after several viewings of the movie I settled on the painting of the lanterns Rapunzel does in her tower.

A few weeks ago I purchased a 24×36 stretched canvas and sketched the rough image in pencil. Lex was nice enough to give me a few pointers about this process. After weeks of procrastination, I set to work today. I worked in acrylic and laid down an under-painting in about five minutes, which completely confused everyone in the family since the grass was red and orange. The kids started to understand things better once I started working on the trees. Loki came over often to check on my progress and ask if she could touch the painting (I don’t know why this was a big deal).

My plan (and hope) was to get the piece done in one afternoon, since I was afraid if I stopped I wouldn’t get back to it. This is not something I would do again, since I was exhausted finishing it.

I left out Rapunzel, giving Loki the opportunity to have her own view of the lanterns from her bedroom “window”. She is very happy with the end result which hangs over her bed. Now we just have to wait for Mad Dog to build her tower.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on June 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “Let Down Your Hair…”

  1. Oh Kim…that is beautiful!

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