Across the Hall From 1402

In a world with exposes on bedbugs, dead bodies found under the beds and other things which would make most of us run in the direction of our very own bubble to live in, I am someone who likes to stay in Hotels. I don’t know what it is. Maybe its because no matter how short the stay, it still feels like a mini-vacation to me. A night away from all the stuff and clutter in my life is a wonderful feeling. Whatever the reason I get excited staying in a room with a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the knob, two beds in the room (that are not bunk-beds) and little soaps in the bathroom.

This past Wednesday night we headed up to Dover, New Hampshire to stay for a night. Dover is on the border of New Hampshire and Maine. Mad Dog has been moonlighting for Follett, doing a few book buybacks. This time around he had an early buyback in Maine scheduled for Thursday morning. Due to the early hour and distance, Follett was willing to put him up in a hotel for a night and I said “HELL YEAH!” This excitement blinded me to the reality. The true fact is staying in a hotel is completely different when you have two kids.

As a parent I get a type of temporary amnesia when we go anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, even if I remembered the trouble, the crying and the fights the kids have when we go some places I wouldn’t just stop going places – I just have to adjust my expectations of the trip and whatever we do. Our stay at the Comfort Inn Suites in Dover was just fine. We had a room with two beds and a bathroom – to Lex’s amazement. Obviously Lex was confusing this trip with one of the many Hostels or Bed and Breakfast Inns that we stay at with “shared bathrooms” – we don’t know why he would think this, possibly too many foreign  films?

Mad Dog had formulated a plan in his head which was immediately rejected by the youth of our group. While the thought that boys in one bed and girls in the other would be the ideal situation, Lex and Loki planned to divide us by age. With this they claimed the bed closest to the window, stating (rather firmly) they were sleeping together. We had brought their pillows, friends (Loki’s Fairies and Baby Doll; Lex’s Jimmy and O’Brien Monkeys) – the only thing we missed (I missed to be honest) was Loki’s music box, but we figured that the clock radio would work just fine.

Our biggest concern at bedtime was the drop from the top of the bed to the floor since there was no way to ensure the kids wouldn’t fall out. I figured out we could take the hotel pillows and tuck them under the fitted sheet on both sides and use them as bumpers. The two of them climbed into bed, with babies, monkeys, fairies and blankets, while Mad Dog and I settled into the other bed (just us, we’ve out grown our friends). With it being so late (past the kids bedtime) the lights were shut off, with the exception of the bathroom “night-lite”. We were pretty positive that the kids would both be asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows. Yes – parent amnesia struck again! The kids going to bed when they are completely exhausted was a joke in itself. What ensued was a giggle fest.

Oddly the giggles didn’t come from the direction of the window, but the adult corner of the room. Mad Dog and I couldn’t help it, especially with the continuous stream of questions, explanations of noises and attempts at calming one another that resulted from across the nightstand chasm. Lex explained to Mad Dog that his snoring was him “trying” to go to sleep, that Loki who had been silent since the lights went out wouldn’t stop talking and that his flashlight lizard had the hiccups, which resulted in the light switching on and off in odd intervals. The lizard was told to get over his hiccups or he would go away and at that point things went fairly quiet, with the exception of Delilah who of course was taking your sappy dedications and playing Journey.

The abrupt silence gave Mad Dog the time to fall asleep, which was a mistake on his part. As a parent you know if you’re away and the first to fall asleep you will be plagued with a sleepless night from there on out. That is not the only reason he couldn’t sleep, Mad Dog also hates sleeping away from home. He tossed and turned. He even woke up to find Loki standing next to our bed staring at him (can you say Dawn of the Dead?). I’m betting she was trying to make his head explode with her mind to get the snoring to stop (I do that all the time when we’re at home).

The majority of this post was written after we had been up several hours, eaten our complimentary breakfast and dropped Mad Dog off at his buyback. The kids and I stopped for donuts (for them), juice and coffee at Dunkin Donuts before heading back to the hotel to hang out and wait for Mad Dog. The kids watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and colored in the hotel room. Lex forgot about the hotel pool and amused himself with a pillow fight which was a little one sided since Loki didn’t have any of the eight hotel pillows to fight back with. We did plenty of jumping on the beds (why not they’re not ours), played hide n’ seek in the room and found you could jump from the chair in the corner to the bed. It’s was only 9AM when all that was finished. I had to make it to 1PM with them.

I managed just that, though I don’t know how. We got in the car around noon and headed towards the school with a stop for some juice and another coffee for me. Once Mad Dog was in the car, it was off to Alfred, Maine to the cottage which we were all excited about, a weekend filled with swimming, relaxation and fun.

Wait! –  Did I forget what was really going to happen again?


~ by Cute Fan Girl on June 12, 2011.

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  1. I can just picture you pushing Lex and Loki out of the way so you could jump from the chair to the bed. Glad you didn’t have neighbors like I did on my first trip to norwalk that would’ve been a fun conversation. I am still haunted by that to this day!

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