Groove Is In The Heart

Music is huge in our house. On any given day you’ll find that either the radio is on in the kitchen (hopefully it doesn’t have that damn Sports Radio on) or the 80’s music station on Direct TV playing in the bedroom. In the car and at work we are surrounded by the sounds of our iPods. Because of this I fill my iPod with music for all of us and in some cases for no one but me. I got to thinking about this earlier in the week. What plays the most, what gets me moving and what makes me weep.

Mad Dog and I have very different music tastes most of the time. Actually it seems to me that Mad Dog only has one music taste – The 80’s! Yeah he listens to movie soundtracks and some newer stuff, but if you were to examine his iPod playlist you would find he is not heading “Back to the Future anytime soon! This means I have songs on my iPod and on our iTunes that I would never have purchased, thought about again (since their original play) and currently can’t believe I have loaded to my iPod.

Mad Dog songs I can’t believe I have on my iPod: 

  1. Good Vibrations by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch I will say I like the song, but not something I would have remembered unless it played on the radio. 
  2. The Right Stuff  by New Kids on the Block  This one I can’t defend. I don’t even know why I have it actually on my iPod, but I do. 
  3. Kiss Me Deadly by Lita Ford I’m actually taking this one off my iPod, I can’t stand this song and I don’t understand why we own it. 
The kids of course are in the car with me enough that I cater to their tastes and favorites. Though I try to influence them and progress their music tastes I do spend a lot of time listening to their “songs”.
Top Played Lex & Loki Songs on My iPod: 
  1. Real Gone by Sheryl Crow (from Disney’s CarsStarted out as a Lex song, but has become a family favorite. It’s a great driving song – Hmmm I wonder why. 
  2. WooHoo by The’s (featured in Kill Bill) This was completely by accident and no they haven’t watched the movie (yet). I played it one morning and Lex started singing along (super cute to hear). 
  3. When Will My Life Begin by Mandy Moore (from Disney’s Tangled) Loki’s favorite, which is usually played at least 10 times on the way to school if it’s just the girls in the car. 
 If you get the right song it can completely get you into the zone. This happens to me if I’m at work or driving, but it has to be just the right song.
Songs on My iPod that Put Me in The Zone:
  1. Cue the Pulse to Begin by Burnside Project From the Queer as Folk soundtrack and if I remember right it was the opening theme credits theme of the show – I have my Brother Kevin to thank for this. I think it is completely does just that – gets my pulse going. 
  2. Push It by Static X Its amazing how Ex’s can influence your music tastes. This is one of them, put this on and put me behind the wheel of a car and I’m gone. 
  3. I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ by Scissor Sister If you worked at Barnes & Noble you can’t not know this song, it was the soundtrack of our lives for what seemed like forever. It never gets old for me. 
Just like songs that get me in the zone, there are songs that make me weep no matter how many times I listen to them. In fact there are some cases where I can’t even get through the song, I have to change it halfway through.
Songs on My iPod that I Can’t Get Through:
  1. As I Lay Me Down by Sophie B. Hawkins Completely because of my Dad, in fact I think most of these are because of him. If I make it through the first chorus I’m lucky. I love this song and it kills me I can’t listen to the whole thing. 
  2. You Are My Sunshine by Norman Blake Found on the Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? Soundtrack this version is amazing. You Are My Sunshine is the song my Father sang to me as a kid, and I sing to my children when they need comforting. 
  3. Angel by Sarah McLachlan I love this song and it’s probably the one I can get through the furthest, but barely. I think it’s the line “May you find some comfort there” that does it. 
To be completely fair to Mad Dog, there are songs that he can’t believe I own and have on my iPod. He claims there are not as many as I think, but I know there are enough that this post could go on and on.
Songs on My iPod That Mad Dog Doesn’t Understand Why I Own Them:
  1. Anything by the Spice Girls I own two albums by them and he just shakes his head. I think he is bothered by the fact that I own the Spice World movie more, but hey what can I say. 
  2. Down to the River to Pray by Alison Krauss Again from the  Oh Brother Where Art Thou? Soundtrack I think this one is a little to religious/gospel for him. He didn’t list this one out right when I asked him, but I know it’s one he rolls his eyes at when it plays. 
  3. Anything by Korn Yes, this is for the same exact reason you’re thinking – I don’t look like a Korn fan. Again it’s the influence of an Ex. I saw them in concert twice – loved it!
Thinking about all this music, I have to go pick up a few new songs. I’m sure that will spark another blog post in the future, at least after Mad Dog hears what I purchased.

~ by Cute Fan Girl on June 18, 2011.

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