Let Me Get This Straight Your Weakness is…YELLOW?

Photo by Lex

Don’t you hate when everyone jumps on the bandwagon about something you knew was great all along? You know a band that you’ve known was amazing for years and all of a sudden you’re walking down the street and see a group of teeny-bopper girls giggling as they walk past you wearing “your band” on their t-shirts. I imagine that there are people out there that read the first Harry Potter book when it was released, and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread (Hmm…thinking about it, sliced bread people must have felt the same way about the people who just gnawed on loaves of bread and then jumped on the sliced bread bandwagon) and then around book four or five all these people start to go crazy about it, there were midnight release parties and these poor people who had been into it before J.K. Rowling was…J.K. ROWLING couldn’t get their books without standing in line for three hours. This type of thing bugs me for some strange reason.

Mad Dog, Gigi & Baby Lex

At present I have a bit of a dilemma. See if I’m not at work or not dressed “nice”, I tend to be in jeans, t-shirt and my favorite baseball cap. Thing is, my cap is a faded navy blue with the Green Lantern emblem on the front. I wear it everywhere, in fact if it gets moved by Mad Dog or the kids in the apartment and I can’t find it I get a little upset. A few months ago, prior to the release of the Green Lantern movie I was at Lowe’s for Build & Grow with Lex. One of the Lowe’s guys noticed my hat and asked if I was pumped for the film. This didn’t really bother me, since after I answered he mentioned that he was looking forward to Thor and that he wanted to get a Marvel tattoo on his back. It didn’t upset me, because he was talking comics – he could because he was an actual comic fan not a wannabe.

Because of the movie, part of me doesn’t want to wear the hat. I didn’t go see it because I thought Ryan Reynolds was cute (Sorry Marny!) or because it was in 3D or because it was a summer blockbuster movie, I went to see it because it’s GREEN LANTERN. It’s DC Comics and I love it. I, of course, can take the hat off, it’s not stapled to my head or anything, but for Mad Dog things are a little more complicated. Mad Dog is a huge Green Lantern fan and has been forever. To explain a little of his (our) love for GL, our friends threw us a Superhero baby shower with invites featuring GL and Supergirl and one of our friends even knitted Lex a sweater with the Lantern on it (which is put away for safe keeping now). We also had GL and Supergirl on our wedding “cake” (we had Rice Krispie treats, not cake). Anyhow Mad Dog has a Green Lantern tattoo on his right bicep. He has had this ink 12 years now, before Gabrielle was born and before meeting me. The man can’t take it off and leave it at home, and even if he could I know he wouldn’t want to. He loves it too much.

Sweater by Marny Kindness

Having said that, how much does he want to deal with the on-going question of  “Did you see the movie?”. It’s bad enough that he gets people saying its a different character symbol or people saying it’s Marvel and not DC. It can get old and painful very quickly. There would be a bigger issue if the movie had sucked – to have to hear that over and over again!

I guess for now we’ll just suck it up and deal, I mean Mad Dog isn’t going to wear make-up on his arm or long sleeves for the summer and I’m certainly not going to wear a pink Red Sox cap (sorry Ladies). Just maybe in the course of conversations we will be able to point out there was comics and graphic novels before there was The Super Friends (actually he first appeared in The Challenge of the Super Friends) and that it’s not all about the movie.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on June 26, 2011.

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