The Search for the Grail Begins

People always say that boys are harder to potty train. With Lex I thought we were going to have it tough. Maybe because I thought the worse I got the best, only to prove I had no faith. Lex was a champ, he honestly was a much easier to train then some of the people I know who have little girls. Once we flipped to underwear we had a few accidents, but for the most part we had a fairly quick transition to the big boy world.

Now we are at the threshold once again, but this time with our daughter Loki. She has recently (as recent as last night) taken an interest in potty training. For weeks I have been tempting her with new Disney Fairies big girl underwear, which she is dying to have . Still our strong willed little girl has stuck to her diapers and wouldn’t even give the toilet the time of day.

Just the other day when I asked her about it, she explained that she was “too small, I fall in!” She is to adorable not to laugh, since she was very serious about the whole thing. She went on to tell me she “no big like Lex! Me small!” Mad Dog and I took the chance to show her the potty seat and that she wouldn’t fall in. Still no interest, until last night.

Mad Dog had changed her and she had just brushed her teeth for bed. Lex was using the bathroom before bed, when Loki piped up that she needed to. We didn’t waste a moment. Mad Dog and Lex were so excited – Lex ran off to get his LeapFrog Camera to take a picture to capture the occasion. Sadly it was full. I allowed him to take a shot with my camera, which was very nicely taken (though a little soft on the focus). For those of you who think it’s my wonderful camera, I would have to tell you that Lex takes amazing photos with his Fisher Price Camera and his Leap Frog Explorer add on Camera. He gets his good eye from me.

Loki sat for several minutes trying or delaying bedtime depending on how

Photo by Lex

you look at it. Lex who had tried prior to his little sister taking the throne, now found that he had to actually go. Loki fended him off with her cute little finger in the air saying “One Sec!” over and over. After allowing her brother to take care of “business” and getting back on the potty she gave up, but not without receiving an award. She received a small star sticker for trying and was promised a big sticker if she did actually pee or poop in the potty. She was very proud as she got into bed exclaiming that she “didn’t fall in!”

How will our potty training adventure go this time? I’m guessing this quest will be much harder. Loki is a little head strong, but then again that could be to our advantage (or detriment). Either way “Winter is coming.”


~ by Cute Fan Girl on August 4, 2011.

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