Black Trash Bags Are The New Pink

As a parent there are few things I hate more than yelling. I don’t like to have to raise my voice to the point where my throat aches from the strain and I feel the veins pulsing in my temples. I think Mad Dog feels the same away. In fact to hear Mad Dog yell is very startling for me, and recently I found out for others too. My Mom mentioned that she was shocked the last time we were in Maine and Mad Dog got seriously upset with Lex regarding some behavior which we had spoken to him about multiple times in the last ten minutes. She couldn’t believe that her mild-mannered son-in-law could become so angry, she just didn’t see it in him.

I think every parent has their breaking point. I know mine might be shorter than others. Oh and yes I understand yelling doesn’t help the situation. Don’t get me wrong we don’t yell all the time, only when it gets to “that point”. Usually we reason with Lex and Loki, explaining to them the consequences of their actions. For the most part we have a good track record with this, but there are other forces at work this summer that are causing additional conflict. With the summer addition of Gabrielle, Mad Dog’s 10 year old (she will be 11 in a few weeks) daughter, we have found our family stretched to the breaking point. I am not saying it’s all Gabrielle, but her presence here is straining individual relationships in the family. Namely Lex and Loki’s.

We had Lex and Loki close together so that they could grow together. For most of the year if you asked them who their best friend is they will quickly answer each other, but currently that doesn’t seem to be happening. I look at Gabrielle’s arrival like the arrival of a new toy, everyone wants to play with it and it causes much anarchy. If you know our son Lex at all, he is all about being everyone’s friend. At the playground he’ll run up to kids he doesn’t know and ask them to play tag or he’ll talk to people getting out of their cars while we’re waiting in ours. He has a big heart and he craves friendship. Loki on the other hand usually keeps to herself. She is a loner, but then again she is only 2 still coming into her own on the interactive side of things with other children. That is not to say she doesn’t play with Lex or other kids at daycare, she can be very friendly.

Gabrielle clearly favors Loki of our two children. I believe at times she does find Lex annoying (Oh and he clearly can be at times) and wants nothing to do with him. While at times she can’t seem to leave Loki alone when all Loki wants to do is play by herself. This makes for a messy dynamic. Add to that a bunch of free toys and  you have a recipe for disaster.

Yesterday Mad Dog’s Boss at Modern Myths, Jim, was nice enough to give Mad Dog five free Barbie Dolls that his wife was getting rid of. Jim thought that our daughters might like them and so they came home with Mad Dog last night. Giving me first look over since all the dolls were M.I.B. (Mint In Box), Mad Dog presented them to us with the stipulation that I would make my selections and if there were any left over we would see who would get what. I passed since none of them were ones I was looking for and opted to allow the kids to share them. Our family has had our occasional issues with sharing, but these dolls have taken it to the next level.

I won’t get into the detailed exchange between our three children and these dolls, but I will say there were fights, tears, nasty remarks and a whole lot of meanness.  This resulted in the Mad Dog and I both clearly stating that if they couldn’t share them, “ALL” the Barbie dolls would go into a black trash bag. You would think they would heed our warning, I mean short of the flesh on our face pulling away from our skulls we were pretty convincing that this was not an open ended threat. I guess next time we will opt for our skulls splitting open when we yell something. The trash bag was retrieved from the cabinet and the dolls were scooped up and dumped into their plastic grave. This was not at all nice like in Toy Story 3. There were lots of screaming, more tears and tons of begging. Still the dolls stayed in the bag and were removed from the apartment.

What will happen now? We are currently keeping the dolls in a safe place for the remainder of the summer. At that time we were planning on paring down the dolls anyway to a smaller collection. It has been made clear and I think this warning was taken that any other such actions by the three of them will result in similar actions being taken. We would have hoped an example was set by certain children (I would think Lex and Loki would know better), but that has not happened. The tears and sniffling have stopped for now – so has the yelling. Why do I think Skipper’s Mom and Dad never had to deal with behavior like this?


~ by Cute Fan Girl on August 9, 2011.

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