You Won’t Like Me When I’m Angry!

Both my children have inherited things from me. I wish I could say it was all good. Yes, they are both very creative and have amazing imaginations, but with that they also found my terrible tempter. We have had flashes of this with both of them, but this past weekend, we saw a huge display of it with our son Lex.

I think of myself as a reasonable parent, however there are moments where I am pushed to my limit. We all have these moments. Over Labor Day weekend, I planned to take Lex and Loki to Maine for our last bit of time at the cabin before the season ends. This meant leaving Saturday morning first thing, sleeping over Saturday and Sunday nights and returning home Monday morning. Mad Dog had to work the weekend, but I wasn’t too worried I had my Mom, Stuart, Kevin (my brother) and Brent (my brother-in-law) there to help. We left Saturday morning in good spirits. The kids watched a movie on the early ride up and we hit no traffic. Once there, we made a trip to Walmart for some things with Nana Sandy, before heading back to the cabin for lunch and quiet time. The kids went swimming in the cold waters of Shaker Pond, and Lex was given the chance to go fishing with Nana and Papa while Loki played dolls with Nonna.

The first day went rather well. We finished the day with a late dinner and then the kids and I went off to bed in the small three person tent Stuart had set up for us. Both kids fell asleep within moments of hitting their pillows and I was allowed to read by flashlight for a while.

The next day was different on so many levels. Lex and Loki are two very different children. Loki, if left to her own devices, will amuse herself for hours without even letting you know she is there. We often have to go looking for her to check if she is okay. Lex, on the other hand, needs to let you know what he is doing ever second of every moment of the day.  He often wants someone to watch him play and feels he can’t do something if someone isn’t observing him. I don’t understand this behavior since we have always taught him to play independently. Sunday was  one of those days where everything was a challenge with him.

Kevin and Brent had planned a visit over to Jetpack Comics in Rochester, New Hampshire and asked if I would like to come along. They figured my Mom could watch the kids and we could have 2 hours of quiet time. I was pretty sure this wouldn’t fly, but we asked. My Mom looked hesitant. “What if I take one of them?” I asked. That seemed to do the trick. Now, which one to take? I decided on Loki, she would be quiet and far less likely to be an issue in the store. I sat down and talked with Lex about it. He agreed and I told him that if I had a good report from Nana when I got back I would have something for him. To help him with the decision that I was taking Loki, I gave him my Green Lantern baseball hat to wear while I was gone and I wore his Superman hat.

We had a great time at Jetpack and Loki was very good. She has such a wonderful time with Kevin and Brent, playing her version of “Hide and Seek”. Basically you do whatever you were doing like looking at a comic book in plain sight and she walks up and says “Found you!” giggling the whole time. At Jetpack I picked up a comic book for each of the kids and each of them got a MarioKart Pull Back Racer which came in big red plastic balls (Gacha Balls).

When we got back to the house, Lex was given a good report and he received his MarioKart Racer and comic. From there it went downhill. Over the course of the next couple of hours, Lex managed to break the ball the racer came in. He was extremely upset about it, but I had spoken to him several times that he was playing with it too rough and it was going to break. He then lost the front tire to the racer. He was spoke to several times about upsetting Loki, who was off playing by herself.

The final straw came when I was sitting on the dock reading. It was hot and I was hanging my feet over the side and soaking them in the water. Lex joined me. He played in the water, then fished off the dock and then went off to bother Loki again. Each action resulted him being spoken to, a period in time-out and the threat of leaving. Needless to say things did not get better. I finally hit my breaking point and I announced to him that we were going home now. He yelled “No!” at me in a deep throaty growl/yell, grabbing my arm. I placed him in time-out on the steps and when I tried to walk up the dock he grabbed my leg begging no, saying he would listen and behave. It was too late for that.

What followed was a lot of yelling/crying on Lex’s part, while I packed. I placed him on a bench and he would come back to me crying. Finally my Mother placed him in a chair on the other side of the house from me while I packed our stuff up. Loki was asked to find all her toys which she did, knowing not to argue. I packed everything into the car, turning to Lex to get dressed. He had started to get undressed as asked, when I told him to finish getting dressed he said “Never!” I told him he could ride home in the car in his underwear if he liked. He got dressed. It was a big scene – Academy Award Winning. Before leaving he said good-bye to everyone except Stuart who had gone inside for a nap before this all started. Each person received a good-bye and a sorry for ruining the day. The ride home was quiet, Loki had been allowed to pick the DVD since Lex was in more trouble than he could calculate. She took the opportunity to pick Finding Nemo, since Lex always complains when she picks it. She then informed him that “I picked. You have to watch Nemo!” At home we ate dinner and I gave Loki her bath. Lex found himself in trouble again at bath time, which ended with Mad Dog’s arrival home and him finishing Lex’s bath.

This morning Lex and I sat down and wrote a letter to Nana Sandy and Papa Stuart. I wrote each letter and he copied it to his paper. I asked him what we needed to write. He said “Sorry for being bad.” He did a very good job. We stamped the letter and mailed it today. Since then he has been over compensating  for his behavior, making sure to tell on Loki for everything and anything she does wrong.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on September 6, 2011.

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