Must Go Faster!

Do you ever feel like you can’t get a grip? That’s how I’ve been feeling these days. I feel like I’m always in the car or at work; that’s not to say that isn’t true! Our new schedule has been in full swing for some time now, but I am still adjusting a bit. Other than that life has been going on as usual. We are in full Fall swing!

A couple weeks ago, we hit the Big E with the kids. Mad Dog and I have been going together since we met, and it’s become an annual event for our family. This year was probably the first year Loki will remember anything about it, and will be the year we wish we brought the stroller. It would seem that somewhere along the way Loki took a class in the fine art of the “Mosey”, she must have aced the course because that is what she did all over the fair grounds. This was, of course, in complete contrast to Lex who would have sprinted from booth to booth if we allowed it.

A big thing this year for Mad Dog was he finally found that he gave seed to ONE child that would go down the Giant Slide with him. Yes, Loki his youngest is the only one who would attempt the Giant Slide with her Daddy. The Giant Slide which is 46 feet high and 135 feet long was originally erected in 1969, was a part of Mad Dog’s childhood and one he hoped to share with his kids. Gabrielle and Lex had both let Mad Dog down easily each year, but Loki took the challenge head on. Of course this is because her goal in life is to be the only one in her Father’s heart. While Lex and I waited at the bottom, they made their way up the stairs, Loki walking the whole way by herself. When she reached the top she said “I did it!” With the climb behind them they prepared for decent. This didn’t go as well as would be expected. They wiped out at the bottom, with Mad Dog making sure Loki landed on top. She was excited when it was over, saying she wanted to go again. I think the wipe out dashed all chances for Lex every going down that thing.

The rest of our Big E experience was full of food, tears and spending money. Mad Dog made it his quest to try the Fried Whoopie Pie and Fried Kool-Aid on our trip, which both lived up to his expectations quite happily. I was allowed to explore the State Buildings and found all kinds of Local Food information for my blog. This was frustrating for the kids, who didn’t understand why they couldn’t go on the rides yet. This long wait was met with many tears and (though it is not widely known) there are time-out spots at the Big E.

When the time came for the rides, the two of them chose to ride the same ones most of the time, with one exception. Loki wanted to ride the swings and Lex the helicopters. Mad Dog was nice enough to ride the two-person swings with Loki, while I walked Lex next-door to the helicopter ride. Mad Dog explained that Loki was yelling at him the whole time “Daddy, GO FASTER!” She loved it. I think as she grows up, I’m going to have to talk to my friend Steve, a roller coaster enthusiast, to take her on the coasters.  I think she has a need for speed!

The day was fun, but exhausting. I believe that is actually what the E in the Big E stands for. Well I guess I don’t have to worry about it until next year.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on September 27, 2011.

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