April Fools’…

The worst thing you can tell a blogger is, “you can’t tell anyone yet!” It’s just cruel. I had this happen to me a few weeks ago and though it was with good reason it was painful at the time.

My brother Sean and his wife Tiffany came for a visit up from Fort Lauderdale. This year their visit came on the heels of Gabrielle leaving for the summer, Hurricane Irene and my weekend with the kids in Maine for Labor Day (see You Won’t Like Me When I’m Angry). When they visit they try to make time for as many friends and family as they can. To help make things easier on them, my Mom usually hosts a dinner or something for our family to see them. This allows Mad Dog, the kids and I to come down and carves out time from my brother Kevin’s and brother-in-law Brent’s schedules for us all to see each other.

Along with our dinner together, Tiffany and Sean always try to take the kids for a day. This gives them a little one-on-one time with Lex and Loki. Not only is it good for the kids to get to know them better, since we see them about twice a year but it also gives Sean practice for any future plans to be a father. As usual we didn’t tell Lex that they were coming, since we wouldn’t hear an end to the questions about when they would be here. This trip they took them to the play ground and a visit over to Tiffany’s parents house, where they were set loose on their music room. For Lex and Loki, this is a dream come true. They love music and we can only hope they have some type of musical talent, which neither Mad Dog or I have. Loki found herself jamming behind the drums with Lex on piano and Sean on guitar. Lex’s proudest moment was that he actually made the trombone make noise. By the time we were ready for dinner, the kids were beat.

The wait for Kevin and Brent to show-up with the food (which was made difficult by the fact that a lot of restaurants in the area were closed since their food stock had gone bad with the power outages from Hurricane Irene) got to be a little much for Sean. My brother was sitting on a egg that he needed to hatch before he burst. He brought the kids each a little package, with one for Gabrielle as well. Inside they found t-shirts which read, “I Love My Cousin”  across the front and “Coming Spring 2012” on the back.

If you know my brother, you would know that just about every year since they have been married Sean has made a joke (April Fools’ Day or otherwise) about Tiffany being pregnant. Needless to say this has left our family a tad bit jaded. Because of this and a long day at work the t-shirt was initially lost on me. Mad Dog however turned to me to say “They’re joking!” It wasn’t until the ultra-sound picture was presented to us did we believe (this was because I didn’t think my brother was clever enough to make a fake one). To show you that this mindset runs in our family after multiple jokes, when Kevin was told he said “Yeah right!” and walked away. He felt terrible after, claiming he thought is was just another one of Sean’s stupid attempts to fool us. The joke will possibly be on us still, because the baby is due at the end of March, early April. Mad Dog was nice enough to point out just in time for April Fools’.

The rest of the evening was made up of Kevin, Brent, Mad Dog and I trying to give them great Baby Names (their selections are a little plain-jane for our tastes, but there is nothing wrong with that). We had some favorites I thought I would share.

There were many more and a lot of laughs in between. We’re all very excited for the new baby. Of course before we left that evening they asked that we not tell anyone until they gave the okay. “No Facebook or blog posts!” I think that was directed at me, what do you think? Please let me assure you that I am not breaking a promise to keep my big blog mouth shut; I sat on this. They have recently made several posts on Facebook regarding the blessed event themselves, which I took as a green light to post something. I honestly can’t wait for all the stories and future blog posts this child will bring me. One additional piece of news, they asked Mad Dog to be the Godfather to …Aragon Fletcher…okay that was just another attempt at a geek name. He happily accepted and is already planning recommended comic book reading lists for the baby and it’s first viewing of Star Wars. Along with his Godfather duties, Mad Dog gave Sean some advise – “She is right for the next 9 months!” (Was I really that bad?)

Congratulations Sean and Tiffany! We look forward to our newest family member and all the years of fun to come.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on September 29, 2011.

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