The Game of Thrones

Dear Gentle Reader,

Let me warn you before you get too excited that though I am reading the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series by George R.R. Martin this is not a post about the books. Of course this warning is more for the occasional internet searcher who enters “Game of Thrones” into their search engine and weeds through the hundreds of posts to click on me, in hopes of an everyday persons review of the books or maybe some hot-fan-fiction featuring Tyrion, Catelyn and Bronn. That is not what you’re about to dive into, in fact that is about the furthest thing from that. It’s about potty training.

See I warned you! I will say that part of the reason I haven’t posted about this or more regularly recently, is due in part to Mr. Martin’s books. I haven’t been able to put the books down. At this moment I have started to read the fourth in the series, but prior to that every free moment I have had has been with one of these books in hand. So it was rather fitting to name this post “The Game of Thrones” since it will be full of battles, potties, bribes and a strong minded little girl.

About a few weeks ago, we started a strong advance forward down the road of potty training with our daughter Loki. Something you should clearly know about Loki is that she has a strong personality and an even stronger will. Her new thing is if you call her anything other than her name (especially “baby”), she’ll turn to you and yell “I’M LOKI GENDREAU”. This new sense of identity has resulted in many screaming matches between her and Lex, with her on the verge of taking his head or tongue to stop his nonsense.

Back to potty training, we started off as we did with Lex. I created a sticker chart, found her ‘big girl panties’ she would want (Tinker Bell was her pick), and of course the token bribe. In Loki’s case the prize was a Disney Fairies dress-up costume, which is hanging on our bathroom door as a reminder of our goal. Everyone says that training girls is easier, which I was excited about since Lex was honestly a cake-walk. I think my cockiness as a parent was struck down, because when that notion came up about girls being easier – they weren’t talking about Loki.

She seemed excited, that was her first deceit. Since Mad Dog is home with the kids on Thursday and Friday, and I have them the weekend we thought that a four-day stretch would be perfect to test the waters. That first Thursday morning Loki got up with a dry diaper, and Mad Dog said “let’s try to use the potty!” Loki responded with a big “NO!” Being the parent and being bigger, Mad Dog persisted; picking her up and taking her into the bathroom. After no luck, he showed her the big girl panties she was going to wear. She gave him a stern “No!” and locked her legs so he couldn’t put them on her. This small battle ended with Mad Dog placing her in her pajama bottoms with no underwear on.

The plan was for Mad Dog to put her on the potty every 15 minutes until he had a result or he got some type of response from her to go herself. The idea of placing her in underwear and not training pants was that training pants are the same type of crutch as diapers. We only use training pants for when we’re out and about. With Lex, if he wet himself in underwear he was devastated by it and the thought was that Loki would be the same way. Before the bells could chime again at the 15 minute mark, he found that she had wet herself and continued to play. She didn’t flinch, she kept going “happy as a pig in shit” as Mad Dog put it. We should have known at that point we were in for a long fight.

To make a long tale short, we gave up. Not forever, but at least for now. We’re going to give it some time and try again. The bribe still hangs on the door and the sticker chart sits empty on the wall, with the hopes that she will find it in her to try again. In a few weeks we will go again, play will resume and the Game of Thrones will continue.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on October 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Game of Thrones”

  1. You’re on book FOUR already?!?!?

  2. LOL…yes I am. Though I haven’t been able to find the time to read right now, but nonetheless I’m on 4. Mad Dog and I are in a race to 5, whoever wins doesn’t have to wait for our copy of the book.

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