Ten Years, Two Friends and Lots of Love

Have you ever introduced two friends and hoped that maybe, just maybe a love connection would happen? You get to be a live action version of eHarmony. I know some people love it and get off on playing matchmaker, but it’s not really me. This is not something I do often and to be very honest it’s not something I have ever set out to do.  Ten plus something years ago I introduced two good friends of mine, that was all I did. I never gave it a second thought. There was no mood lighting or swelling music- in fact I can’t personally (I’m sorry to say) remember under what circumstances I brought them together. Needless to say, yesterday I helped them celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary.

Not bad huh? I mean them, not me. With all you hear about divorce and all the other unsavory stuff in the world related to doomed marriages, it’s nice to hear about a couple celebrating their 10th anniversary together. I’m looking forward to mine in another six years, if the kids don’t kill us first.

To celebrate their big day, they didn’t skulk off for a romantic weekend without the kids away from their current life. Our friends Marny and Michael did a truly amazing thing-they brought together those people who helped them celebrate on that beautiful fall day in 2001. Their first plan was to invite the wedding party for an adult dinner at Bittersweet Farms in Westport, Massachusetts the place where they made their vows 10 years ago. Times have changed for some of the wedding party, like myself I’m now married and have two small children. Rather than exclude their children and the others for the party they rethought their plans. Instead of cocktails and entrees all dressed up at a restaurant we came together at their home for a homemade meal, great conversation, pillow fights and juice boxes.

The ladies chatted inside as Marny threw together a salad, while the Dads talked outside and Jim, Michael’s Best-Man became the parties official kid wrangler for the afternoon. We caught up on our lives, talked books, kids, jobs, ate good food, refereed kids and ate ice cream with cookies. Though not everyone could be there that day, we shared what we knew of others, memories and laughs. The kids played, got hurt, were comforted and played on, probably unaware that long before they were born the adults in the other room had lives and laughs before without interruptions. I was sorry that not everyone could be there that day, but I was happy to share the great company with those who were.

I guess my reward for introducing them all those years ago, is that I get to share in their lives through our friendship. I have watched them buy a house (and painstakingly strip wallpaper from just about every crevice of it), build that house into a home, welcome Mad Dog as a friend, have their first child, attend other good friends weddings, change jobs, hold my first child, join me at my wedding, lose parents, celebrate birthdays, grow successful projects, have their second child and so much more. Not a bad reward for not knowing I had done anything in the first place, huh?

Marny and Michael I wish you ten more years full of friendship, love and happiness. Thank you for letting us all be apart of it.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on October 17, 2011.

3 Responses to “Ten Years, Two Friends and Lots of Love”

  1. Wow! This post made me bawl like a baby in my office at work! It’s so true. I completely enjoy our friendship and I’m so grateful that we keep each other in our lives. This is a truly beautiful post. Thank you so much!!!! For the post. For celebrating with us. For introducing me to Michael.

  2. Thank you Kim!

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