Where is My Zombie Detector App?

Witches, Monsters and Ghosts – Oh My!

If you’ve been in your family zombie-shelter or have just been too busy Occupying Wall Street, you might have missed the fact that it’s October. What is so big about October – do you really have to ask? Halloween of course! Though I know there are a lot of people out there who don’t care (oddly I’m friends with a lot of those people right now) for this dark, mischievous holiday – I personally love it. Both Lex and Loki are cut from the same cloth and are preparing for all the tricks and treats they can muster.

Things are in full spook mode here in Worcester. The house is decorated, costume selections have been made and we’re gearing up for the big night. The kids are mostly worried about their costumes. Loki, with her strong will, has managed to stick with her first selection throughout all costume temptations out there in the stores. She has asked to be a Kitty-Cat. Though there was some talk about being an orange cat, we have settled on a black cat at this time (to our relief). Lex, on the other hand, has jumped around a bit, from a T-Rex to a Ninja to Mickey Mouse back to T-Rex and finally to a Robot. After many conversations he has decided on the robot, so we have been able to start to purchase and collect components for his costume. Both children keep asking Mad Dog and myself what we are going to be. Mad Dog had it easy since he has a complete costume already made and will be Derek Wildstar from Star Blazers (late 70’s early 80’s cartoon). What about me? I have been given the option to dress-up at work this year, but have been told by friends if I’m too gross I won’t be spoken to for the day (see what happens to them when the zombies show up). I think I will be scaring it up a bit, you’ll just have to wait and see.

We have kicked off the scare-fest with the season premiere of  AMC’s The Walking Dead here in our house. Of course the kids weren’t involved, but Mad Dog and I enjoyed the premiere and all the gory.Yes, they up’d the gross factor this year, but damn is it pretty yuck!  If you weren’t a part of the 8.3 million viewers there has to be something wrong with you. It’s not all about the scare factor, for those of you who don’t like the yuck. It’s well written and the characters are people who you will care about. We watched it in the living room, since I thought removing the images from our bedroom would help me sleep better afterwards; I was mistaken. Let’s just say Mad Dog had to check out every sound I heard that evening and we watched several episodes of Steven Moffat’s Coupling. Yes, it wasn’t my normal Spiceworld or Bring it On, but it was funny and helped me forget my zombie worries for a moment to fall asleep.

With a machete and a baseball bat by our bedside we are settling in for a long scary holiday season. As part of it we are of course helping celebrate All Hallows’ Read. This holiday tradition started by author Neil Gaiman (check Gaiman’s great video promoting it) supports the idea of giving a scary book to someone. Someone you love, don’t love, someone you know or don’t know – whichever way it is give a scary book. This is in no way an excuse to replace the regular tradition of candy giving, but a great reason to give a book and to encourage reading at all ages. Of course it doesn’t have to be new, it can borrowed and if you can find one it can even be blue too. Wow, I think I’m channeling Dr. Seuss in this post a bit. Remember this is for all ages, all you need to do is select an age appropriate book. A few personal recommendations:


Novels Great for Early Scares:
Graphic Novels/Comics:
You all have 13 days to find your inner ghoul, your dark passenger or your mischief maker. Grab a bowl of candy, a little fake blood and your best evil cackle…if that’s a little too dark for you there is always the cute factor.

~ by Cute Fan Girl on October 18, 2011.

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  1. […] is the first year Loki truly  understood what is going on. As I mentioned in a previous post (see Where is My Zombie Detector App?) Loki has been dedicated to her Halloween costume selection from the very beginning. She was very […]

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