Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

Candy! Candy! Candy!

After last night I’m starting to equate children to zombies. Zombies swarm to brains and children swarm to candy. I honestly am very surprised that we don’t hear more about small children (or helpless adults) being trampled to death on Halloween night when the hoards of children attack  unsuspecting  front doors for that sugary sweetness they crave. I found that my two little ones have joined the ranks of the sugar-craving undead. Though we thought a good night’s sleep would wipe most of the dreams of nougat and caramel from their little heads –  it didn’t. I had forgotten that whole bit about dreams of “Sugar plums” dancing in their heads at Christmas time, which means no holiday is safe.

With Halloween festivities being canceled (or rescheduled) all over Massachusetts I think we saw a surge of Tricker Treaters in my Mother’s neighborhood (if you don’t live in the northeast – we had a freak Northeaster this past weekend which dumped snow and downed power lines around the region). Though we live in Worcester we do our Trick or Treating in the neighborhood I grew up in- Mansfield, Massachusetts. I get to walk the streets of my old haunts and see the parents of old childhood friends and neighbors. Makes for a nice evening overall. This also gives my Mom a chance to see the kids dressed up, laugh at Mad Dog and I as we struggle to wrangle our excited little monsters and spoil them with more candy and treats than we can imagine.

This year I think is the first year Loki truly  understood what is going on. As I mentioned in a previous post (see Where is My Zombie Detector App?) Loki has been dedicated to her Halloween costume selection from the very beginning. She was very excited to be a Kitty Cat this year to the point where she wore her cat years around the house all day Sunday after playing in the snow outside. This little bit of information will come back to bite this blog writer in the ass later in this post (keep that in mind). Lex, our house robot, has been driving Mad Dog nuts with his costume creation. Each day he asked if they could work on it. Somehow the whole thing came together in time, with a few minor issues.

Monday night, Mad Dog and I converged on my Mom’s house. Mad Dog traveling from Northampton Massachusetts and myself after picking up the kids at daycare in Plainville. My Mom, who had left work early to help clear their yard of tree-debris, was good enough to have dinner ready early (I say early since I swear every other time I come for dinner we don’t eat until 8 o’clock) so that I could feed the kids and get them dressed for Trick or Treating. Mad Dog showed up during dinner, ate and started to assemble Lex into his costume which was a good thing since I had no idea what he had done to get him into it. I had the task of placing full make-up all over my 2 year old daughter’s face, a task I don’t think I ever want to tackle again.

I love Halloween and because of this I like to go all out. This means serious make-up. I’m looking forward to when the kids get a little older and I can gore them all up. (I’m thinking Loki will be Carrie from the Stephen King novel one year – she’ll look amazing covered in Karo Syrup and food coloring.) Loki started out being very still and it went down hill from there. She wanted to watch television, she wanted a drink, she wanted to eat more food and worst of all we had tears and snot. I know Stan Winston never had to deal with Alan Rickman‘s tears and snot when they made Galaxy Quest. I somehow managed to cover her face, but sadly I had nothing to do with the cuteness factor – that was all Loki. When it came time to put her cat ears on (remember what I said before about biting me in the ass) they were nowhere to be found. Why was this? Because I let her wear them around the house on Sunday and they were somewhere back in Worcester. Lucky me I had the little black bow tie that came with the cat ear set which I was able to make look like kitty ears and prevent any more tears and make-up smugs.

Lex’s costume had a few issues. The main robot costume was made out of a comic book long box, which Mad Dog covered in silver duct tape. Skinny Lex slipped into the box and then we placed the cover on as the front panel. We taped this in place. In prior walking tests we had no issues, but when we did them we had not taped the box lid in place. Once taped in, Lex’s robot walk became completely authentic. He was not very mobile. In fact if you pushed him over he couldn’t get up on his own. Mad Dog made some adjustments and turned on Lex’s control panel lights. We then placed Lex’s head on. This was made of a box with my broken 50mm lens pieces mounted on the front for eyes. Mad Dog created a slit which acted as the robot’s mouth and Lex’s eye slit so he could see where he was going. Once the head was mounted on, we hit the road running for candy (well Loki and I did – Lex was a little slow). About 50 feet from the house Mad Dog and I made another adjustment to the Lex 2000. With the walking motion, Lex kept hitting his face on the front of the box that acted as his head. We removed the head and mounted it on backwards so we could get to the first house.

We did 8 houses in all (I couldn’t imagine doing more with the pace we were moving at), with both kids getting major praise for their costumes. Lex informed everyone we met that he was a robot (yes, Lex should have been Captain Obvious). The tricking and treating was slow since our robot didn’t move very fast. My suggestion for “next time” was to place him on roller blades so we could pull him along. At the third house, we were passed by a family on a “Golf Cart”. Yes, you read that right.  No my Mother doesn’t live on a golf course or a Florida country club community; she lives in Massachusetts on a block where the houses are (though not too close together) not miles away from each other. I felt like I was visiting the Roloff Farm. What the hell? Mad Dog is now demanding that my Mom and Stuart have a cart for us next year for Halloween festivities.

At the fourth house Lex made his way up the walkway only to attempt the stairs on his own. He fell over landing on the step face down, arms waving, crying out “can someone help me up?” Mad Dog and I being the loving caring parents we are, couldn’t move because we were struck so hard with laughter that tears were pouring down our faces. It was brilliant, yet pitiful all at the same time. We did eventually help him up before anyone came to the door.

We finished out the evening by visiting my Mom’s neighbor’s the Palmieri’s. I have grown up next to the Palmieri’s most of my life. My brother’s and I have been friends with the four Palmieri boys as long as I can remember and it’s always good to see them all.  This evening we were greeted at the door by the youngest, Jason and the oldest, Gary. Lex talked Jason out of a second treat and we received some extra Trick or Treating suggestions from Gary (he told us who was giving out full candy bars in the neighborhood). As we left, the Palmieri’s farmer’s porch was taken over by a legion of small candy undead. They pushed, shoved and fled as fast as they came with their pillowcases a little fuller. Loki and I escaped by the skin of our teeth.

Each of the kids were allowed one piece of candy from their bag before we headed home from Nana Sandy’s. Loki was smart enough to see the loophole in my statement and took a piece from Nana’s Sandy’s candy surplus (my Mom went a little over board on her candy purchases this year) for herself and suggested Lex do the same. Personally I can’t argue with that, especially when I get out smarted by a 2 year old. After hugs, kisses and thank yous we  headed back to the Hellmouth (aka Worcester) for sweet dreams and maybe a few more haunts.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on November 1, 2011.

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