On The Cosmic Treadmill to 2012…

I hate being premature about these things, but I guess it’s safe to ask now. Is it over yet?

Yes, I’m talking about the holidays and even more so 2011. It’s been a long year. A fast one, but a long one.  I know I haven’t been around lately, in fact in my tally of my 2011 blog posts I found that December 2011 was empty. Life got the better of me I’m sorry to say, but then again I guess to be living it rather than writing about it is something in itself. I know for a lot of people 2011 was a terrible year and one that people would be happy to forget. In someways I should be a part of that movement – instead of “Occupy 2011” it would be “Forget 2011”. I can’t say that it was all bad, because here at the other end of it we’re still standing and we’re all the better for it. 2011 was about building character for us – having said that I kind of think of 2011 as having a good personality, but hell I don’t want to wake up next to it again tomorrow morning.

What happened to us in 2011? If you have kept up with my 72 blog posts through out the year, you know part of it. Yes, my final count on Road to Nowhere was 72 and a count on Cute Fan Girl Goes Local puts me at 60 for the year making a grand total of 132 for 2011. That does not of course include all the started entries where I thought you would delete me from your blog roll altogether if I posted them. None of these posts could be possible without my family, which at this point is poking me to wrap this up.

With December 2011 being a blank slate I feel I owe you something. It was wrong of me not to wrap it up in nice pretty paper, but honestly I just don’t have the strength. This is complete due to the fact that not only does the holiday season go by too fast, but this year we had it fast forward. I think we went from Halloween to today in 2.011 seconds. Even with our holidays on hyperactive hyper-drive, we still managed to get it all in. Both Lex and Loki found themselves facing the dilemmas of a possible Santa free Christmas when they had an elf accident with our Elf on the Shelf (or as we call him the Shelf on an Elf) friend. Both received calls from the big man himself, which were received as only my two children could. Loki took the call listening quietly, while Lex refused to take the call as it would be an act of admission that he did something wrong. Still with all their time-outs, cries and pouts they still managed to have a very good Christmas. So good that Lex keeps interrupting me to ask when we can play Disney Universe on the PS3. Yes, my son takes after me and can play more than just the Atari 2600 version of Pac Man.

To keep this post to a small roar since Lex might explode from waiting (he is being very good about holding off asking me the millionth time to play) I will close this post with a few high and low points of 2011 and hopes for 2012. I say hopes because resolutions are so 2011.

The Bee-Loud Glade (love it) and Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One. I listened to 32 audio books, most of them while I hammered away at work. Amazingly I was able to do that and still get a promotion. The last 5 to round out the 56 were Graphic Novels. My complete list can be found on my Reading Challenge 2011. I didn’t have a goal when I started, but in 2012 I do hope to surpass it. I should be able to hit the ground running since I have a HUGE backlog of audio books lined up thanks to Mad Dog and the Worcester Library.

In the highs and lows category there have been many. Mad Dog found himself suddenly unemployed earlier in the year. If you want to know, I’m still reciting my mantra “Hate the Man, Not the Product”. As a lot of things in life this was a blessing, Mad Dog found himself another dream job and is happy in his new role as Operations Manager at Modern Myths. His new position has allowed him to travel more, work with New York Bestselling Authors and given him the chance to remind me “I get to sell comic books today!” more often than I would like. I don’t let his head get too big, since he has to still ask me questions on Excel.

On the Mad Dog front this year we also said good-bye to his Father. No, not in the biblical sense, just in the practical sense. In someways this is a low as well as a high. While several of my friends have actually lost their fathers this year, I am sorry to say that Mad Dog’s father alienated himself from just about the last of his blood. Gabrielle did see them this past Christmas, but in a lot ways it was just for the presents I believe. Are Lex and Loki missing anything? No. Nothing but a few more toys under the tree or on their birthdays – the materialistic nature of my Father-in-law is nothing I want to teach my children.

Our youngest Loki has found her voice and her name. We’re proud to say that whatever personality we thought she had before has been amplified by her independent voice. She can talk circles around her older brother (hard to imagine that) and is very articulate. Though she is still in diapers, she will strike you down if you call her a baby. We are hoping her free spirit finds it in it’s heart to try potty training before we hit 2013. Hearing her talk to Mad Dog, makes me completely understand what my Mother meant when she would tease me about asking my Father for things and using the magic word “Daddy”. Loki tilts her head and says that word and Mad Dog is whipped. It of course helps that she is carrying around a Green Lantern Doll and asking him questions about Dungeons and Dragons.

Lex has taken a page from Loki’s book. He has found his own independence. Wanting us to let him do things on his own, like sit on a bench in Boston to rest while the rest of us go on to the ice sculptures. He wants to be allowed to go into the men’s room on his own, to make his own pace and to show us he is growing up. Mad Dog and I of course have had to explain to him about the dangers of this and because of our fears he allows us to watch at a slight distance. He has proven himself responsible for his little sister, taking care of her while I was to sick to. He is on the verge of 5, but is already so much older.

For me, I have found myself in St. Louis for business, a promotion and not enough time to put it all down on “paper”. With that said, I have found time for my family. We have spent more time together this year than we have in prior years. I’m looking forward to continuing that in 2012. For finding the time for one another, to sit, to be a family – even if it means it’s in front of the PS3.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on January 3, 2012.

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