A Card That Really Is Priceless

There are rites of passage in everyone’s life. A lot of the moments are marked with a ceremony or a celebration, but others are as simple as a first haircut or  losing your virginity (okay maybe not so simple for some). Next week our son, Lex, turns five years old. It’s amazing that five years has past and what is even more amazing is that Lex has made it that far. Of course Lex has had many rites of passage in those short five years. A first haircut, his first trip to the hospital and no one can forget him becoming a big brother. All these are important, but there is nothing better than him recognizing the fact that he is going through his own rite of passage.

Mad Dog and I are big supporters of reading, libraries and education when it comes to our children (actually for everyone). Mad Dog makes it a point to take the kids to the library once a week and has taught them to respect the stacks that live within those walls. This is due to the strong memories and love he had for his library in his youth. A little while back Mad Dog made a promise to Lex on one of those trips to pick out books. The promise was when he turned five they would get Lex his first library card, something that was very important to Lex. He desperately wants to walk up to the desk and check out his books on his own with no help from anyone. On Thursday, five days before his fifth birthday Lex got his wish.

Our little man is now the proud owner of a Library Card, something everyone should have (I even have one, since  Mad Dog didn’t want to share anymore). Next he will be the proud owner of his first wallet to keep his card in, but that is a story of another time. With his new found independence Lex took out his first books and was kind enough to take out books for his little sister, Loki, who is looking forward to the day she turns five.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on February 18, 2012.

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