Tears on My Pillow

Kids are expensive. Yes that was a rhetorical statement, however there are times in their lives when the cost of living with them fluctuates. From the moment they move off of formula to milk (I am well aware I could have breastfed – and I did, but honestly that was only going to happen for so long either way) or hit that age when the cost of daycare takes a small dip in price each little chip off their cost of living is a sigh of relief for us as parents. Of course these are only temporary pardons and are quickly replaced with new costs and needs which will make our earlier worries look like chump change. As my brother prepares to shell out cash hand over fist for disposable diapers for the next two and half to three years, we are at the end of that long road.

In the past few weeks Loki has finally found her way to the potty. We were starting to worry that she was going to need a GPS to get there, but somehow she found her own way without a map. There were several factors which we believe contributed to her success. The first was a talk with Mad Dog’s Mother. Gramma Mary Ann had a little chat with Loki which seemed to turn things around. I’m not sure what was said and why her words over those of so many others started Loki down the right path, what I do know is it helped. The second was all me! Yes, I get a pat on the back for purchasing her small potty. With Lex we had purchased one of those little free standing potties and it was a complete waste of money. Being the intelligently bright parents we are, rather than keep it for the time when Loki would need it we got rid of it. This was of course because we know that both are kids are going to act exactly the same way and since Lex didn’t use it, why would our littlest? Needless to say, with Loki’s fear of falling into the big toilet I thought she might do better with a small free standing one, that she could use with very little help from anyone. It did the trick!

The last component of our success was the bribe. With an older brother, Loki  is always wanting the next big thing. For her right now it was her own Leap Frog Leap Pad. As a desperate parent I pulled out the moon to get my little girl to transition to a big girl, I promised her a Leap Pad. I’m sure there are people who are horrified by this, but at the same time I get a little horrified by parents that promise their kids candy for peeing on the potty. I would prefer to give my three year old an educational reward rather than making food a positive reinforcement (stepping off my soap box now). Needless to say between the three it worked. Loki is now diaper free.

What does that mean? In our house it means Miss Loki is not wearing diapers, pull-ups or anything else – well except underwear.  She is sleeping through the night with no issue and no accidents. Speaking of accidents, does this mean she is accident free? No. I wish I could report that we were past the “I’m sorry Mommy” tears stage, but we’re not yet. She still needs to be reminded that she should try, but otherwise she is fully self sufficient. She can pull her pants up and down on her own, wipe herself, get dressed again, (if she uses her small potty) she can dump the pee/poo in the big potty, flush and wash her hands on her own. As part of the progression, she has even started to use the big potty on her own (as long as there is a stool).

While we have moved on from purchasing diapers, I have a feeling our little lady will be finding different ways to get us to spend money soon enough. Until then I will take the little bit of extra cash in my bi-monthly grocery shopping.

ADDENDUM: This post was written over the course of an afternoon, during which time Loki had an accident. As I stated in the above post, I’m okay with accidents they will happen. In the case of this accident Loki was in the bathroom getting ready to use the potty, but was goofing off too much to complete the task at hand. We moved past this and went on with our afternoon. 

About thirty minutes ago, after being told to go use the potty several times Loki had accident number two. This one did not go over as well with me. As with any accident, Loki was made to undress and clean herself up. After that I placed her in a diaper. This was to prove a point with her. As I write this she is sitting in her room on her bed in her diaper crying. There is a debate about who is currently more upset by these events – Loki or myself. Without Mad Dog here to referee us she is sitting in there and I am at the computer. She has lost her Leap Pad prize until a time when she can make it to the potty. It might have been my bad judgement to give it to her so soon after her “success”. Shame on me.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on February 25, 2012.

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