Some May Call This Junk. Me I Call Them Treasures.

Lex 2012 (5 years old)

Parenting is all about learning under fire. I don’t care how many parenting books you read and how much you think you know-it’s all about being in the fox holes in the heat of battle. For me I gave birth and they handed me fatigues along with my breast to start feeding Lex.

I’m not going to make make more general observations about parenting, because it’s very personal. One of the biggest things I have learned once my children started to speak was to never tell them anything! Okay that is not completely true, I will rephrase that. I never tell them anything before it’s going to happen (or at least as close to the event). Why is this? As any good parent knows you need to keep your sanity. It’s completely self preservation. By not telling them things that we are going to do, I keep myself from ripping out my ear drums after hearing the same questions a hundred times.”Are we going today?”

All that said we are planning at trip to Disney World. This will be our second trip, the first was when Loki was only nine months. We were very lucky that our first trip was kind of subsidized by a business trip and the fact that Loki and Lex were young enough to be free at Disney. With this trip we’re on the hook for the bill. We have not told the kids. That isn’t a completely true statement either. With Loki’s potty training it has come up in passing that there would be no way we could go to Disney if she was still in diapers. This was like me dropping a state secret, one that will need a lot of spin to keep them from focusing on it. In the mind of a 4-5 year old, that means “Oh as soon as Loki is potty trained we are going to Disney!” This made for a couple of interesting conversation this past week. Another thing that has come up is that Disney costs money and lots of it.

Lex 2009 (age 31 months)

With the passing of Lex’s fifth birthday, he received several gifts and cash that would help with his dream of going to the Magic Kingdom. His Nana Sandy gave him a gift card for Disney which he will be able to use when we go to purchase something he desperately wants.  The other part of that was the cash. Lex is currently on a LEGO kick. He has recently transitioned to “Big Kid” LEGO and away from DUPLO. With his new found obsession he is building faster than he can  get sets, which leaves Mad Dog and I saying “No” to many of his recent requests. For his birthday he received two of the Dino sets (5887 Dino Defense HQ / 5883 Tower Takedown), which he built by himself with no help from either Mad Dog or myself. With cash burning a whole in his pocket and a few more Dino sets waiting to be purchased Lex found himself in a dilemma.

Saturday morning after Build & Grow at Lowe’s Lex, Loki and I hit Target for some shopping. With every trip to Target we torture our children with a trip through the toy aisles telling them “No” over and over again – it’s kind of parenting payback for all those questions they drive us nuts with. Needless to say when we hit the LEGO aisle Lex had ammo to fire back. On the shelf was 5884 Raptor Chase. Lex asked and I said “No, I don’t have the money.” He turned with a smile and said “I have money!” He was of course right, but he was also short by $5.00. The conversation went back and forth and I reminded him that if he spent his money he wouldn’t have any more. You could see he was having his own internal battle with this. He really wanted another set, but at the same time he wanted to save his money. I know a lot of parents must think I’m naive (really a kid not wanting to spend his money), but I know my son and he was in agony over this. In the end he opted to purchase the set with a $5.00 loan from me.

On the ride home lightning struck! Lex came to the realization he just spent his money, money which would have helped him go to Disney. He was devastated that we wouldn’t be able to go to Disney because he was so foolish with his cash. I had to calm him down. I gave him the option to return his LEGO set which he carefully considered, but did not want to do. I explained to him that he could try to make money another way or save any additional money he received. I also explained to him what the “Mickey Card” was that Nana Sandy had given him for this birthday. For a five year old a gift card is just a plastic card for your wallet like your library card. He would have that to put towards Disney when the time came. This calmed him down (some).

Once home, he went to his room and took the cushions off his couch and placed them at the door of his room. He then went and got his “Piggy Bank” which is a large “Geek” Jar. He gave me the money he owed me for this LEGO set and then went off to this room once again. A short time later I was called to his room. He sat at the door behind the cushions with his jar sitting on top and a few additional items. I was advised that I could purchase anything in his room for cash. This struck me funny since I had already previously purchased all the stuff in his room for cash the first time around. I asked him why I would do that if I had already paid for it. He stated very simply that then I could give him money for the trip to Disney.

Ahh – the mind of a child.


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