Bento-ing Back

It’s been a while, old friends. I’m sorry, but life has gotten in the way of me sitting down to catch-up with you. I guess in someways that is what should be happening. I should be living and not stuck sitting behind a computer telling about things that I would like to be doing or would rather not have happened to me. Either way I have been gone far too long for even me.

What’s new? What is isn’t. I know what is not an answer. It’s early August and we have still not seen the arrival of Gigi. We don’t know if she will be coming or not, though she tells us she is. This summer saw a visit from my brother Sean and his family. Yes, I can say family now with the addition of “W”. While they were here we did some family photos, which allowed me to stretch my legs as a photographer. I had my good moments and bad moments, but at least we have the memories.

What I’m currently dealing with is the fact that my oldest, Lex, will be starting Kindergarten shortly. He’ll be attending full day Kindergarten, which means packing lunches. This is what got me really excited. I wanted to make it fun for him. To help him get used to unpacking and repacking his lunch box we have started trial runs early. Making sure he can open the containers and be somewhat self sufficient during lunch period. To start with I went out and purchased a bunch of fun things through Bento USA .

If you’re not familiar the term bento, it refers to a single-portion takeout or home packed meal commonly associated with Japanese cuisine. Traditional bento boxes can be very simple consisting of rice, fish or meat and one or two pickled or cooked vegetables. In recent year an elaborate style has surfaced called Kyaraben. Kyaraben bento meals are usually decorated to look like popular anime, comic book and video game characters.

Am I going to go completely overboard? No, at least I hopefully won’t. Mad Dog will tell you that he is betting that he will be doing this come the fall, but I am attempting to assure him that will not be the case. Though Lex is the only one going to school this year we still have two lunches to make each day. Right now on the two days they attend daycare we make them snacks for the hour ride home. Usually these are homemade “lunchables”. Since I’ll be making lunch for Lex each night, I plan on making another box for Loki. On Monday and Wednesday these boxes will be simple ride home snacks, but the rest of the week they will act as her full lunches.

Lex and Loki are very different eaters. Loki loves fruits and veggies, while Lex could completely do without any which means two different versions of the same type of lunch. My first attempt of Lex’s lunch (complete with multiple snacks) started out with a clementine, an angry bird cheese and crackers (Lex wasn’t a fan of the Babybel cheese). The Oreos were for after lunch was done. In the larger lunch box he had a cut up hamburger with a little container of ketchup and a half of a potato roll. This was accompanied with salsa and chips. Mad Dog found that Lex had a little trouble opening the little blue container of ketchup, but otherwise he rocked the rest of it. Loki’s version replaced the clementine with her favorite thing in the world strawberries and Nilla wafers for the Oreo cookies. Loki unlike Lex loved the Angry Bird Cheese. If you’re wondering what the little pink and orange grass that is between our bird and crackers it’s just to separate the food. It’s silicon and can be washed and reused.

My second attempt was a little weak, since I found that we didn’t have much in the way of snacks in the house. Lex has cheese with crackers, clementine and this time Nilla wafer. I included a little yogurt as well. This was actually a Gogurt squeezed into a container. For lunch I made little open faced sandwiches-bologna and cheese cut into little animals and salsa and chips which Lex loves. His lunch included a “Love U” from Mom. No matter how much I try Loki is not a chips and salsa fan, so I changed hers out with “Bunny Cereal” for a little fun. With her clementine I left it whole at her request, but added a kitty-cat face with edible marker.

As part of Lex’s practice for school we did give him a time limit to eat lunch, since anyone who knows my children knows they take forever to eat. They are usually  more about being a social butterfly than eating. All this is just a guess since we don’t know how long he has to eat, if they have a morning snack and if he would have an afternoon snack after school the days that he stays late for after school care. We have a few more weeks of summer and still need more information from the school itself.

With all this on your plate now, I promise to be back shortly with something new and maybe even something old to catch up on.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on August 5, 2012.

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