Cue the Pulse to Begin

There are thousands (probably more like millions) of parents about to send their first born off into the world. I’m not talking about after college or anything. Lets think something a little earlier – kindergarten. In a few weeks we will be sending our son Lex into the mind forming, enlightening, dream inspiring, frustrating, passive aggressive and sometimes ignorant public school system.

Please don’t take my comments the wrong way (I do think I was fairly even there), Mad Dog and I were both products of public schools. We fell on two different ends of the spectrum. He was left behind because he was too smart and wasn’t challenged by his educators and I had learning disabilities and was given what passed for “help” when possible. My experience causes me to worry about Lex (and Loki) being left behind, while Mad Dog is confident that we have nothing to be concerned about. Until we get into the thick of things we won’t know who is right and who is overcompensating for their past.

With us still presently living in Worcester we registered Lex for kindergarten earlier this year. The Worcester Public School system welcomed us into it’s folds with an orientation day at the school he was assigned to. Perfect! A chance to reassure ourselves that we are making the right decision by staying put. Our visit as a family with the teachers and staff of this school left Mad Dog and I confident that everything would be alright. Sadly things didn’t stay that way once the 2012 school year ended.

Yes, I know schools close for the summer keeping a small skeleton staff on to answer the phones and take care of any upcoming issues. Of course being a parent of a new student makes me a little nervous, I want to make sure things are going to go smoothly. This is not me being a control freak – I’m not one, but if I can get my ducks in a row, I don’t feel I have to worry about things. The issue here is that the Worcester School System is more like cats than ducks and we all know how “easy” it is to herd cats?

From my last post (see Bento-ing Back) you know that we’re preparing for school. This weekend I went to Old Navy and picked up some jeans and cargo pants for Lex and my Mom called me to tell me she had purchased him the traditional back-to-school new underwear and socks (oh, and a few shirts) grandparents gift. With the exception of sneakers we were good to go! Today I found out I was very wrong.

This morning we started our day out with taking some family photos at Green Hill Park in Worcester. Since we didn’t get a chance to take them a few weeks ago when we did portraits with the rest of my family (I forgot to charge my battery – my bad), I thought I would take a few of the four of us on my day off. This was only part of my plan. I had also wanted to take some photographs of the kids in more urban settings, using old warehouses as back drops. This was made easier having both Mad Dog and I around. I didn’t have to stress about keeping an eye on Loki while shooting Lex. Our final location was Lex’s school.

My idea was to take photos of him without all the craziness of the first day. No, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to take pictures to document the day, but I knew I couldn’t get the type of photographs I wanted without taking out a few other mothers. This worked out perfectly. In fact while we were there, Mad Dog ran into the Building Superintendent. Lex and I continued with our snapshots and Mad Dog found out a very important detail. Lex is going to be wearing a school uniform come September.

Excuse me – what? Yes, you heard me. A uniform. This small detail, never came up when Mad Dog was at the Worcester School Parent Information Center. It never came up the day we went to the school for orientation and it was not documented anywhere on the Worcester Public School website, in their Policies Handbook (which I read to make sure I wasn’t missing anything). I am not annoyed by the fact that my child has to wear a uniform. I am fine with that. I’m annoyed that they didn’t feel the need to inform us of this. We have not received a letter, confirmation or anything else from the school system of what will be happening. All the information (or lack thereof) has come from their website. Until today I didn’t even know that he actually started school after Labor Day, when the school calendar states school starts Wednesday, August 29th. Both Mad Dog and I are not disengaged parents, we want to be apart of Lex’s education – in fact we are part of his education. This little bit of information sent me into a tailspin wanting to know what else we didn’t know about. After I ran to Old Navy and exchanged the jeans for uniform khakis, I had Mad Dog call the school to ask a few additional questions.

1) School Supplies: Is there a list of things we need to purchase? No. Which is what I expected, but we know  how that worked out with the uniform thing.

2) Lunches: Are there any foods that he is “NOT” allowed to bring to school? (This came from horror stories from co-worker mom friends of mine. I understand no peanut butter – but some of the stuff is just ridiculous.) No, but we could play it safe and just not send anything with peanut butter, however it is not banned from school. Mad Dog was then informed that most kids buy their lunch (or get them free), but we could make his if we wanted to. 

I am going to take a moment here for this one – I can’t believe this was the response we were given. I get that school lunches are getting better, in fact Worcester Public School’s lunch menu lists locally grown vegetables as part of their selection. Great! I’m all for that, but there has to be a study somewhere that states that homemade healthy lunches product not only healthy children, but show children they are loved and supported by their families and therefore product stronger students. Regardless of the fact that my alter-ego is “Cute Fan Girl Goes Local” I am going to be making my childs lunches. I’m going to take the time to show him I care that much (at the very least).

Okay –  Deep breath! This is after all only the start of his school career. I have a long way to go.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on August 14, 2012.

3 Responses to “Cue the Pulse to Begin”

  1. As much as I’ve harassed you about this, I love your enthusiasm of Lex going to kindergarten. I too was excited to pack Mary’s first school lunch, it’s a milestone! But nothing compares to the day Mary bought her first lunch! That is a very big deal for a 5 year old! Hope you continue to love packing their lunch! I find it so stressful!

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  3. […] but oddly it did happen in 2012. Lex turned 5, got his library card and started Kindergarten (see Cue a Pulse to Begin and Artist in the Making) this past fall. He has grown so much in this year alone. Though he went […]

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