Charity Starts…At The Magic Kingdom?

We all hope we can raise our children right. To be good people. To know the difference between right and wrong. To stand up for what they believe in and most of all to love themselves enough to do just that. I think it’s a much harder thing to do nowadays. There are so many different variables, outside sources that leak in and affect them and us. But in the very end it’s all about what we give them as a base. They can only build a strong, stable building on solid ground.

I look at my two children and I see two very different people. Can I say they grew up with the same solid base? It’s not the same, but it is solid. With Loki we had an additional influence, her big brother Lex. Lex being as he is, is a very sensitive and caring child who worries about everyone but himself. Though our methods of parenting didn’t change with the addition of Loki, Lex would intercede where he felt we were lacking. An example of this was last night at bedtime. Loki, our independent 3 year old, wanted nothing to do with the men of the house. Mad Dog and Lex were in the dog house for something as simple as satisfaction or attention she was looking for and then came Lex. He doesn’t like to see his little sister sad, in fact we think he honestly believes he was put on this planet first to pave the way for her, to make everything sunshine and puppy dogs (or kittens in our case) and never, ever allow a frown to cross her brow. Part of the problem is, someone forgot to mention this to Loki when he sent her to us.  Her independent nature can make her completely irrational at times and she needs to take the time on her own to work things out. Last night Lex’s attempts to fix the situation for his darling screaming banshee only made things worse for him, for her and for us. We have been attempting to teach Lex that he has to worry about Lex. In a few weeks he will be starting school and I am worried this will be a big issue for him. I guess I can hope that it’s a Loki/Lex thing and he won’t be this way with other kids, but I don’t think that is the case. To hopefully set him on the right path I have given him a “job”.  If I ask him his job he will say, “Worry about me! Get strong and be healthy!” (sometime he adds on his own “Protect my sister!”).

Along with teaching Lex how to keep to himself we are looking at teaching the kids charity. Not that we haven’t made attempts to teach this to them before, but recently it came up in regards to vacation bible school. The church which the kids are attending VBS at is currently focusing on assisting children in the Congo (I can’t give much more detail than that). The VBS kids are asked if they wish to give donations for the children in the Congo, for each donation the children will track what their offerings will help with such as food, water and medicine. After having this explained to me by Miss Kim (our daycare provider) I thought it was the perfect chance to talk to the two of them about charity. On our ride home the other night, I asked them about their days and we talked about giving. I inquired if they would like to give some money to help the children.  Lex was quick to answer yes, he then went on to explain that  it would help them buy “cookies and lemonade”. Loki on the other hand was a little more difficult.

Me: How about you Loki? Would you like to give some money to help the kids? 

Loki: No.

Me: Why not? 

Loki: I want to go to Disney! That money is for Disney.

Well I guess for each lesson we teach we have to reteach priority. We had been working to explain to them that going to Disney (something they have been asking to do for sometime) would cost a lot of money. Of our two children, Loki has taken this to heart the most. Though she asks for “things” she would never think to give up the money in her jar for anything that didn’t have to do with going to the Magic Kingdom. I had to explain to her that whatever she gave would mean more to those kids than it would mean to us going to Disney. It would mean food, clothes and medicine if they were sick. Wanting her to give and not worry about jeopardizing her dreams of seeing Tinker Bell live, I told her I would make sure that I put the same amount of money she gave into our Disney trip “fund”. Lex not knowing to worry about himself piped up at that point, “It should be two times!” Thank you Lex! I honestly don’t know what I would do without your input.

In the end Loki was far more generous than Lex. She reached into her own jar and gave a dollar. I’m proud of her. She’s still young and we have time to help her see that she has a lot to give and she will still be able to find her way to her dreams.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on August 22, 2012.

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