Run Forrest Run!

In a time where there are so many concerns with energy you would think that scientists would be working on a way to harness the energy of preschoolers. Seriously there is a major untapped source of energy here. Come on M.I.T. lets get going!

For us it’s not about harnessing the energy it’s about using as much of it as possible before meltdown so that bedtime goes much faster and smoother. Lex, our 5 year old has been described as the Tasmanian Devil, just a whirlwind of energy. To find a way to focus that force on something constructive can be a challenge.

Recently Lex has taken an interest in running. He is all running and racing. Because of this we let him watch several of the track & field events during the 2012 Olympic Games held in London this year. Thing is he doesn’t want to watch it, he wants to do it. This got me to thinking, why not let him? While on an errand one morning the kids and I drove by Auburn High School. I noticed many people running and walking the track that morning and thought why not Lex? So as part of our Sunday morning errands this past weekend we stopped off at the Auburn High School track.

Lex was a little more excited about the prospect of running the track than Loki, but she joined in for a half a lap and then a walk with Mad Dog. Mad Dog who ran track in high school used his phone to time one of Lex’s laps and a 100 meter dash. Both times were nothing amazing, mostly because our future Olympian’s focus falls short at time. He needed to be spurred on in the middle of his lap. Maybe if his cheer-leading little sister could have been heard across the track he might have done better.

After several laps and a dash we made our way over to the playground since the kids still had some pent up energy to let loose on the world. They climbed, they jumped, they hung and they even tried to make a few friends. The making friends part was easy, it’s the keeping up with the kids that can be hard. Lex who is a little timid about climbing gets intimidated by some of the play structures we visit. We encourage him the best we can and work hard to build up his confidence. It will take time and he’ll get there.

In the next few weeks we’ll visit the track. Lex will run, I will walk, Loki will cheer us on and Mad Dog might even start running (so he can play a little beach volleyball in the future), either way we will do it as a family. We’ll build our confidence and we’ll be happy because of it.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on August 28, 2012.

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