Whatever You Do, Don’t Blink

Michael_Family 2 CIt’s that time again. Like so many blog posts you will read this week, it’s a year in review. To prepare for this post I took a moment to read last year’s On The Cosmic Treadmill to 2012 to get an idea of what not to repeat, but found myself trying to remember what made 2011 so bad that it could even compete with the likes of 2012. Maybe I’m just focusing on the tragic events of December 14th, but I feel there was a lot of sadness in 2012. Please don’t get me wrong, personally Mad Dog and I are very grateful and were very blessed this year, but I can’t help but wish for better times.

In 2012 I lost my focus. Life and work took hold and ran away with me. I found myself blogging less, stressed out more and not feeling like my old self. I didn’t fall into the trend traps and go all Gangnam Style however I didn’t write, read or produce nearly as much as I have in the past. The end result is that I feel at a loss. Though I threw myself into photography more, still I know I have fallen short this year. As many of you know I don’t like the word “resolution” as in “New Year’s Resolutions”, but I do have the hope that 2013 I will re-find my voice.

kidsPart of my lack of drive came from an internal depression I felt with my job. I have mentioned before I work in a cube farm. 2011 brought me a promotion and I was very happy for the recognition, however I didn’t find the reward I was looking for. I don’t mean monetary; I was hoping my new position would allow me to do what I do best. In a lot of ways what that is comes from my creative side. I think outside the box, I strategize. This didn’t happen to the extent I needed to feel happy. I found myself in the daily grind with no reward. Near the end of 2012, I was given an opportunity (along with a new job, new promotion and that monetary part too) to do what I enjoy. I don’t say love, because ACCESS and EXCEL are not really a labor of love, but at least I am allowed to get my geek on day to day. Using my “Google-Fu” (who knew this was in the Urban Dictionary?) I have managed to teach myself some SQL and even impress myself a bit as a self taught hacker.

180Days_1Enough self-introspection. Our family has had a good year. Early in 2012 I became an aunt for the first time (I should say blood aunt, since I am aunt to Mad Dog’s nephew Craig). My brother Sean and his wife Tiffany had their first child, born the day before my birthday! John William or as I like to call him “W” (pronounced “Dubya”) is sweet as can be. Mad Dog was named his Godfather (or as he likes to say GeekFather) and in July of this year we had a visit from them. Along the same lines of life milestones,  while looking back at the opening of 2012 I found that Loki (our youngest) was not potty trained. This seems like ten thousand years ago, but oddly it did happen in 2012. Lex turned 5, got his library card and started Kindergarten (see Cue a Pulse to Begin and Artist in the Making) this past fall. He has grown so much in this year alone. Though he went to school pretty well prepared he has learned so much more, which he is passing on to Loki with each lesson. The amazing opportunity given to him to attend WAMS will now allow Loki to do the same. For this reason and this reason alone we have decided to call Worcester our home for a “while” longer. Dealing with the parking bans and snow is nothing when it comes to the kids having a good school to attend.

With school on the brain, we can talk about Mad Dog’s volunteer work. Mad Dog has joined the Parent Teacher Group at Lex’s school and is one of the two Library  Parents that help out every Friday. With Loki in tow they both enjoy some notoriety among Lex’s classmates.  Loki has already become a bit of a legend, which isn’t surprising given her personality and those amazing eyes of hers.

Michael_Loki Wide COf all of us I think she is the most changed. She has personality exploding from ever part of her being like a Time Lord regenerating (yes we watched ALL of Doctor Who this year to catch up to season 7). Her fashion sense, voice and actions have taken on a will of their own, which promises for some interesting times ahead. These reasons alone have resulted in her being a major focal point in my photography this year. When discussing Loki I have to mention our newest family member, Zod. In July we adopted a little black kitten which we named General Zod (a fictional DC Comics character, who appears as a super-villain in Superman). We’re not sure who took to whom faster, but Loki and Zod have been two peas in a pod ever since. One of the most good natured cats I have ever met, Zod has dealt with Loki’s Abominable Snow Rabbit impersonation one too many times. She does love him – almost to death. Still Zod takes it in stride and though Gabrielle thinks she is saving him from Loki, I think he misses their hug fests.

GigiSpeaking of Gabrielle, she started seventh grade this year and was not with us for Summer Vacation. This was of course a blessing and a curse. Though we miss her as a family, as previously mentioned in past posts our family dynamic is completely different when she is around. On an exciting note she became the Editor of her school newspaper, which we are very proud of. She joined us this Christmas and I was able to take some amazing photos of her in a mini-photo shoot we did just before Christmas to complete a family gift for my Mother-in-Law. (Actually got her to smile a bit!)

IMG_72472012 saw our trip to Disney World. Something which seemed like a long time in the making. We held our secret until we were on the way to the airport. This was completely a decision made with our sanity in mind. If I had to listen to either of them ask when we were going for a whole year, I would have gone insane. The trip had many memorable moments. Lex fighting Darth Vader at The Jedi Training Academy with Loki crying  while sitting on the curb that she wanted to meet Han Solo were just some that come to mind. For me the best moment was Loki meeting Merida from Brave. I thought she was going to explode with excitement. All the planning was worth that moment alone.

Michael_Family Couple Kiss CFor Mad Dog and I, 2012 meant a lot of changes. We have since split duties regarding the kids, with him taking responsibly for Lex while he is in school and me shuttling Loki to and from daycare on my way to and from work. This along with all the quirks of having a child in school means we have had to adjust. Somehow in all the chaos of the kids, life and work we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary this year.  I’m grateful for him in so many ways. Most of all for putting up with some of my craziness, like holding a special photo shoot before Lex started school, our strange Christmas card photo shoots and me insisting on taking the family photos for his mother’s Christmas – but then again I have dealt with his quirky work things too. Like helping him learn and edit the store’s podcast and working with him on the holiday gift giving guide. We have found how to balance each other out pretty nicely after five years of marriage.

What does 2013 have in store for us? Mad Dog has joined a gym. I have decided to get focused again. Lex is looking forward to becoming six and getting that Nintendo DS Santa didn’t give him. Gigi is heading back to WI and we will hopefully see her next summer. Loki is going to be getting ready for Kindergarten in a big way and at the end of the year will have her own library card. Big and little things ahead to look forward to. We hope you will join us next year as we travel down our Road to Nowhere. Happy and Safe New Year to you all!


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