Parental Amnesia

LexThere are some things that should be obvious when you become a parent – and there are. Like that you’re going to have to feed and cloth this small person and that will cost you money (sometimes lots of it). It shouldn’t be a surprise that they are going to cry, need diaper changes and maybe even spit-up on you. Sadly the most obvious thing is usually the thing that strikes the hardest. What is that? That little babies grow up.

Today is February 21st and it is Lex’s 6th Birthday. He’s six. I’m in completely shock. I feel like I have missed everything. This of course is not true. I have documentation in the form of photographs (tons of them), this blog and most importantly the little boy who happens to be sitting behind me on the floor playing with his younger sister. Still I am completely confused by how this happened. 6 years have passed since I called Mad Dog at work to tell him I think I’m in labor.

IMG_7981Of course this post is not about my parental amnesia, but more importantly about Lex. Last year I didn’t write a post about Lex, honestly I don’t know how or why I missed it. Still it didn’t happen for some reason. I looked back to 2 years ago, when Lex was turning four (see post: How Do you Spell Heart? L-E-X). After reading this post I got to thinking about the Lex that stands before me now, two years after that post. He’s different and yet still the same in so many ways. One of my favorite parts of that last post, is the facts you might not know about him. Because of this I think I will share some more for fun.

  • Most of you know that Lex has two monkeys which he sleeps with each night, Jimmy (Olsen – from Superman) and O’Brien (from Monkeyman and O’Brien fame). Thing you might not know is he still confuses who is who after all these years. For reference Jimmy is the big one and O’Brien is the little guy. 
  • Lex still sleeps in a toddler bed. Yes, we know we’re mean. We are actually in the process of buying him a big boy bed, but we’re trying to get through this week (Mad Dog has a Convention this weekend). He reminds me each night when I tuck him in that his feet touch the end.
  • He is very sentimental. Last night he explained to me that he can never get rid of his blue blank, because Nonna made it for him and he loves it because of that reason alone.
  • He is a gamer like his Dad and a video gamer like his Mom. He loves board games and video games a like. Which shows how much he is a mix of the two of us. I think as soon as Lex can read Mad Dog will have him playing Civilization. If he’s anything like me, he’ll kick his butt!
  • Lex is a bit of a hypochondriac. We can’t use the we’ll take you to the hospital as a scare anymore, because he is completely game for a visit to St. Vincent’s at anytime. We think he likes the nurses and attention.
  • He is a very good big brother. Probably too good at time, because Loki isn’t always the nicest little sister. Still he protects her and comes to her defense all the time when we are being “mean” to her (translation we are parenting her).

For a little fun I thought I would ask him the questions from the questionnaire I used 2 years ago on him, to see how he would answer. Here are the results.

  1. What is your favorite word? Cat
  2. What word don’t you like? No
  3. Who is your best friend? Eleanor (from his class)
  4. Where is your favorite place to go? Aquarium or Zoo
  5. Where don’t you like to go? The Amazon Rainforests (Like in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull – where the red ants live)
  6. What are you afraid of? High Places
  7. What makes you happy? When friends come to play with him. 
  8. What makes you sad? Having no friends. 
  9. If you could have any present in the world for your birthday what would it be? The Super Mario 2 3DS Game
  10. What do you want to do when you grow-up? To be a Librarian. 

~ by Cute Fan Girl on February 21, 2013.

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