The Eleventh Hour

248886_4916732079211_1258408367_nHow do you lose a year? This is a serious question! I guess by not blogging about it, it would mean that I was living it, but I don’t even know if that was the case. Ironically at the end of 2012 my last post was called Whatever You Do, Don’t Blinkthat seems to be the exact issue I had in 2013 – I guess I blinked huh?

I find remembering the past year a hard thing to do sometimes. Usually I rely on my photographs, but as Mad Dog will tell you I didn’t think I did a lot of personal photography this year (Wrong!). I kicked off the year with a personal project, 365: Girl, Female, Woman, You, which I realized by the time school started back up in the fall it was taking me away from my family far too much. Though I loved meeting so many amazing women, I found that I was missing out on the person I was doing the project for – my daughter Loki.

LokiFor Loki it was a amazing year of changes and growing up. She found her love of music and continues to show her love for it every chance she gets. Her long locks became Locks of Love for some little girl. This was all her decision and one we were very proud of. Showing what a strong female she is even at the young age of 4. She had her first school age crush (okay maybe two). Her room was redecorated and our little Loki filled her big girl bed with all her stuffed friends so she wouldn’t feel lonely. She joined Mad Dog in his weekly Library trips to Lex’s school, until she started Kindergarten this past September. Yes, Loki has taken Kindergarten by storm and made a lot of lovely new friends of her own along the way.

School was a huge part of our year in 2013. Mad Dog continued volunteering, became the PTG secretary and even managed to get me to help out with the PTG newsletter (don’t faint). With school came a lot of new friends for us and the kids. We have a new group of Worcester based friends that our family loves spending time with. They have even helped our family grow this past year! 2013 brought a new addition to the family a rambunctious little mischievous kitten called Mister J. Though Zod (our other cat) won’t completely admit it he has made things very interesting for the family and is loved by all (when he is not biting our feet).

Visits to the emergency room were on our 2013 list. With Mad Dog and his Kidney Stones, but more importantly Loki enjoyed the benefits of our Health Insurance. In early February she visited St. Vincent’s Hospital for a bead extraction from her nose and in early October paid them another visit for 5 stitches to her forehead, courtesy of Lex launching her off the couch into the coffee table. Loki Girl came out of each without any tears and hopefully a little wiser! I myself learned that Mad Dog should deal with these types of things (on his own)!

LExLex found himself finishing Kindergarten and jumping right in to first grade. He lost his first two teeth, started to learn to read, became a Cub Scout and was introduced to Tolkien (aka Lord of the Rings). He learned launching little sisters off the couch isn’t the best idea after all and that camping can be an amazing adventure when you think you know what you’re doing. Lex has started to keep a journal of his very own of all the exciting things he does, which I think is very ambitious for a 6 year old. He worked on personal projects about Maple Sugaring (Thank you to Occasional Creek Maple for our exciting day), as well as a school project on Polar, Koala and Panda Bears. He found out he likes cotton candy ice cream and doesn’t like Brussels Sprouts.

MD MEWe did many things as a family in 2013. The kids and I made our Red Balloons video – which was a total experience for us all. We all took art classes at the Worcester Art Musuem in April, spent a ton of time at Old Sturbridge Village (where we are members) and celebrated Equality in NoHo on Free Comic Book Day! We went camping and learned it does matter if the rain guard on the tent is right side up! While we were camping we found out Loki is even more fearless than we thought before, climbing 15 feet up  a rock face with nothing but her own skill. We hit the Eric Carle Musuem and Southwick Zoo with Nana Sandy. Halloween brought out the Superheroes in all of us, with Mad Dog as Blue Beetle, Lex as The Flash, Loki as Batgirl and me as Lady Blackhawk. The family found time to hit Rhode Island Comic-Con as a family after a long season of Comic-Cons – and learned that not all celebrity guests are aging well!

Gabrielle didn’t visit us again this summer, but joined us for Christmas and the end of the year. She has grown so much, and yet Lex and Loki are still a little more independent then she. She surprised Mad Dog with the idea that she doesn’t like living in Wisconsin and wouldn’t mind living in Massachusetts after she finishes Middle School. Yup you read it…I think Mad Dog almost fell over after he saw pigs fly!

Mad DogFor Mad Dog and I, we managed to find a lot of time for ourselves, thanks to the kids being in school, our schedules and my wonderful Mother (thank you Nana Sandy!). We went to New York Comic Con Professional Day, Baltimore Comic-Con and Boston Comic-Con – Yes that is a lot of Convention time! We enjoyed our Tuesday Morning Breakfasts together and even managed a evening or two out at Tastings (thanks to me not sticking around for my whole 20 year High School Reunion). Mad Dog hit his stride with the MythSpoken podcast with the Northampton Team in 2013 and grew his comic collection by leaps and bounds.  I tried blue hair and realized yet again blondes do have more fun!

Road to NowhereThe year has been mostly about friends and family. We found ourselves spending a lot more time in Mansfield with Nana Sandy and Nona. The kids loved this and always can’t wait until the next visit. Our family kicked off 2013 celebrating Love with the wedding of a dear old friend! This year of love continued with us (okay -ME) playing cupid to another set of friends – which I would like to note for the record is working out nicely so far (insert pat on the back). I found time to hit the coast of Maine with old friends and managed to make a very good new friend, who has become a huge part of our family (welcome Angie!). Our trip to Baltimore allowed us to catch-up with old friends from afar and my high school reunion brought friends from afar that much closer!

Does this post mean I’m back on track? Who knows? 2013 found me in a strange mood. It’s time for me to refocus myself. I decided its time for some new energy. Time to get creative and do what I enjoy doing the most…being me. I think that will be the theme of 2014 for all of us. We’ve already started – Lex is looking forward to building his train collection with Mad Dog. Loki is ready to rock her way into 2014 on a project with me. Mad Dog is planning on serious comic organization, while Gigi is looking at High Schools. For me…I’ll just wait and see what’s on the Road to Nowhere! Hope to see you on our travels!


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