About Us

Hello! I’m Kimberly and this is my blog .

I was born, raised and lived most of my life in New England, Massachusetts exactly, with a short timespan in Northern California (which accounts for about 5 seconds in my overall lifetime). I was born the oldest child in my family, with two younger bothers which might explain why I tend to take care of people more then I need taking care of. I attended college in Massachusetts and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking, a degree I’m very proud of, but am not currently using at this time.

In 2004, I found myself on the information highway waiting for AAA, getting tired of looking for Mr. Right and finding Mr.Right Nows. I met my husband in the strangest of strange places, the internet and we discovered that there are people you are “right” for and people who are “meant” for you. Though it sounds sappy we were meant for each other. From two different ends of the state (Massachusetts), which for some might be like living cross country from one another we managed to make things work before moving in together. Mad Dog (as he is known in this blog) reignited my love for comics from college and I brought him into world of foreign and independent films. Our lives meshed together perfectly. I mock him openly about his conspiracy theories and tin-foil hat subculture, while he reminds me I take myself a little too seriously sometimes. Mad Dog finds the time to do homework on the phone with his daughter, Gabrielle (in WI) before playing LEGO with our son Lex and tucking our daughter Loki into bed. There are days we feel like we don’t have a moment to ourselves and that everything is going a hundred miles and hour, but no matter how crazy it gets  he always has a “I love you” or takes a moment to tell me how beautiful I am.

Our days are full with adventures and wonder with our two little ones Lex and Loki. Both children’s names derived from interests of ours, comic books and mythology. Lex, being named for Lex Luthor (yes, we named our son after a super villain) and Loki, beginderived from the Norse God of Mischief (and yes we know we’re asking for it). Even with their namesakes on their side they are still the best, most loving children you will meet.

This blog is about our journey on the Road to Nowhere, travel with us as we find our way. Learn about our lives, our family and where we end up.


January 2011


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